Should You Free Download Viber For Your Own Use

If you are looking to enjoy the best social mobile apps, you will have too many choices to pick from. One of the best options that you must consider has to be Viber. Viber has been hailed by many as one of the top apps and we will try and analyze the key reasons that have contributed to its popularity.

Desktop Version

We cannot refute the fact that Whatsapp remains the leader in social mobile apps. However, if there is one aspect where Viber has an upper hand over Whatsapp, it has to be the desktop provision. Many a times, you may not have your Smartphone near you and in such cases having a desktop version will give you greater flexibility and larger options.

When you are using Viber, you can choose to login to your account even on your desktop. You need to have a registered mobile number for completing the sign up process. After the initial sign up process is done, you can easily login to the system and enjoy the benefits which it has to offer.

Free Call

This is by far one of the most popular features. While Skype remains the popular choice for the sake of making free calls, Viber too joins this list. Viber offers you the option of calling other Viber users for free. This can help you save money. If you are wondering about call clarity, you need to know that if you have a stable 3G connection, you will be able to make calls and talk to your friends and relatives without any disturbance and interruptions whatsoever.

Easy Location Sharing

Many a times, you may be in need of sharing your location details. Like other social mobile apps, Viber too offers you the provision of sharing your location detail. This is an important feature as it can help you in letting your friends or relatives know where exactly you are located. Not just your location, you also have the option of sharing pictures, audio, videos and more.

This extra option of sharing multimedia messages makes it a lot easier to stay connected. There was a time, when sharing multimedia messages wasn’t so easy. However, with these changes in technology, it has become easier to share pictures, videos and more with such apps.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Viber is a top rated app that comes with a neat and easy to operate interface. It is loaded with the finest set of features and if you wish to stay connected with all your peeps, regardless of their geographical location, Viber is an excellent choice to have.

This app is free of cost and so you will not have to bear any additional charges for using it. If you haven’t used Viber so far, download it from the Google app store or the Apple store and try it out once. When you have installed it, you can then pass your verdict regarding whether or not, you would love to use this app. Most Viber users have rated it in the right light.

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