Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – Design, Buttons and Ports Compared

The Galaxy Tab series, from the Korean giant, Samsung Electronics, was once highly acclaimed, which as of now is considered to be just an entry level option.

The emergence of Note series has replaced the Tab series to become the company’s finest tablet resolution. The newest release in the series, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 comes with notable features. The Tab 3 10.1 incorporates a dual core Intel Atom Z2560 processor, running at 1.6GHz speed, accompanied with Clover Trail architecture. The use of Intel implies that the company has parted with customary ARM-based stuff, which users usually relate to. Whether the latest hardware would empower the tablet to stay in the race is something the company is hoping to see.

Samsung entered the year 2014 with a thump. In the earlier part of January, Samsung announced the release of Tab PRO series of Android based tablets. These tablets are aimed to satisfy the needs of consumers looking forward to Android tablet with no compromises. Such consumers would not settle for less and seek the best that the Android could offer to them. Let us take the smallest tablet in the series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, for a spin. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is a beast of a tablet. The 8.4-inch medium sized tablet comes in a lightweight design, which makes the Korean giant’s 8.4-inch display, an easily portable handset. However, the spec sheet of the Tab Pro 8.4 can make it a favorite among geeks. The tablet comes at a price of $400, which is nevertheless high, yet reasonable for a premium product.

Without further ado, let us compare the two handsets from Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, in terms of their design.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Let us review the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 first. The tablet comes in a similar design as that of its predecessors in the Tab series. The dark and glossy all plastic body of the tablet comes with a silver colored trim. The straightforward and expected design of the tablet, with glossy finish, attracts fingerprints and smudges, which are hard to remove. Regardless, the tablet comes in a lightweight design, featuring a thin profile at 0.31-inch. The tablet provides a comfortable grip for a considerable long time period. However, the designers and engineers at Samsung have reduced the tablet in terms of size of left and right edge bezels. It provides the tablet with a smaller look, as compared to its predecessor, which came at a width of 9.57-inch.

The tablet has arguably copied the Galaxy S4 design, with an oval Home Button, along with menu and back keys on its sides. Therefore, the Tab 3 10.1 design, in its entirety, similar to that of the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Buttons and Ports: The buttons and ports are located at the usual locations. It includes a power button, microSD card slot, microUSB port, volume controls, 3.5mm head jack and microphone. The two speakers are placed on the sides, instead of towards the user, when the device is held up front. However, the IR Blaster enables the device to be used as a universal remote.

The tablet comes equipped with dual cameras. The primary camera at the rear with 3.2MP sensor and secondary camera facing the user with 1.3MP sensor comes with a 720p video recording ability along with VGA resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

In terms of design, there is nothing unique about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. It looks awfully close to the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. The device comes with metal trim surrounding the edges, have curved corners and an artificial leather rear in an all plastic body. The decorative stitching on the sides of the handset provides a firm grip, reducing the chances of accidental slip outs due to its plastic body. The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is a robust, well-made and elegant handset catering a professional look, despite no first-rate material being used in its construction.

Buttons and Ports: The power and volume controls are located on the right side of the tablet, which are large and well exposed. The IR Blaster enables the tablet to be used as a universal remote control. The bottom of the tablet comes equipped with microUSB port and speakers. The microSD card slot is placed on the left side, whereas; the 3.5mm head jack is placed on the top.


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