Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Features and Specifications Comparison

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Both Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 are among the latest Android smartphones released in the market with removable back panels.

Both the smartphones were released around the same time. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched in April 2014 while the LG G3 smartphone hit the market, just a month later, in May 2014. The LG G3 is undoubtedly costlier and slightly larger and bulkier than the Samsung Galaxy S5. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has better dust and water resistance, when compared to the LG G3. The smartphones have some interesting features that are worth comparing. The following is a comparison of a few of these features.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Design and Display

Both Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 smartphones feature plastic bodies with different feel and removable battery covers. While the Galaxy S5 phone has a dimpled and pitted finish, the G3 encompasses a curved and smooth rear. The smartphones have a Gorilla Glass 3 shell as casing. But, the LG smartphone appears to be more conventional.

Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is a better choice, as it is more compact and comfortable to hold. Also, compared to the LG G3 phone, it feels better to hold the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Screen

The LG G3 smartphone is one of the first phones of its kind to use a QHD screen that makes the screen look a bit sharper. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone uses a PenTile kind of screen with diamond-shaped sub-pixel arrangement. This arrangement results in a less sharp appearance. However, the LG G3 smartphone features an IPS LCD screen as against the Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. While the Galaxy S5 scores in terms of contrasts and black depth, the LG G3 wins in terms of top brightness and sharpness. Further, because of the large screen size, the LG smartphone is a better choice, if you wish to watch movies on your smartphone. Pixel density is also more in the LG phone and stands at 538 pixels per inch while the Samsung smartphone has only 432 pixels per inch.

Verdict: Although the pixel density is much higher in the LG G3, the effect is not noticed much on its 5.5-inch screen. With no color accuracy problems and a wide range of screen personalities when the correct display mode is set, the Samsung Galaxy S5 takes precedence over the LG G3.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – CPU and RAM

Both the smartphones are at par, when it comes to the processor used, as they use the same Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, as their CPU and Adreno 330, as the graphics processor. The key point of difference is in the RAM capacity. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 2GB RAM, the standard LG G3 smartphone, encompasses a 3GB RAM. 2GB variations of the LG G3 smartphone are also available.

Verdict: With an extra gigabyte of RAM, the LG G3 smartphone scores ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as it helps in better multitasking and lessens the slowing down of the performance of your Android smartphone.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in three baseline versions of 16/32/64GB internal memory and an additional expandable storage of up to 128 GB. On the other hand, the LG G3 smartphone is available in two baseline versions of 16 and 32 GB only.

Verdict: Neither smartphone really wins over the other with respect to storage. They can be considered to be at par.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 smartphones feature front and rear cameras with a LED flash that render good performances in any condition. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 uses a 16-megapixel ISOCELL rear camera, the LG G3 uses a 13-megapixel BSI, OIS rear camera. The front camera is 2.1-megapixel for both the smartphones. The sensor in Samsung’s smartphone, features higher sensitivity levels that control the levels of image noise whereas LG’s sensor assists in optical image stabilization to prevent blurry shots. Also, the LG phone features a rear laser to focus in low light. The camera sensor and aperture sizes of LG G3 are 1/3.06 inches and F2.4 respectively as against 1/2.6 inches and F2.2.

Verdict: With a larger 16:9 ratio sensor, the Samsung smartphone takes precedence over the LG smartphone that offers the standard ratio. It is also the better option for daylight shots and has more shooting options than the LG G3 smartphone.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Battery

The LG G3 smartphone has a slightly larger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S5, resulting in a slightly higher capacity battery as well. However, the battery talk time of Samsung Galaxy S5 is at least a couple of hours more. However, the average standby talk time is the same for both the smartphones.

Verdict: If you are someone who spends a considerably long time talking on your mobile phone, then it is advisable that you opt for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Buttons

Samsung Galaxy S5 places its home, recent and back buttons at the bottom of its screen. While these buttons are visible whenever any app is open, the LG G3 allows some virtual customization. You can decide which apps should hide the navigation keys in the LG G3 smartphone, thereby helping to utilize the screen to the maximum extent possible. You can bring the buttons back on to the screen by just swiping upwards on the screen.

Verdict: The LG G3 smartphone undoubtedly ranks ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with the ability to provide full screen performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Radio

The LG G3 features the FM feature that is not present in Samsung Galaxy S5. This feature is however not an essential aspect that determines which of the two smartphones ranks above the other.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 – Colors

Samsung’s smartphone is available only in the two standard colors black and white. However, LG offers its smartphone in two additional colors red and violet.

Verdict: With two extra snappy colors, the LG G3 smartphone tends to be better preferred over the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone by younger people who would like to use a colorful phone.

With both the smartphones providing really interesting and exciting features, both the smartphones emerge victorious in their own way. However if the LG G3 smartphone really seeks to have more people preferring it over the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, it will have to think of reducing its price still further.

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