Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Blackberry Z30 – Detailed Comparison of the Two Smartphones

Let us compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone in terms of design, display, memory and the camera features to that of the Blackberry Z30 smartphone.

The Blackberry Z30 was released in the month of October 2013. However, in terms of design and features, the Z30 is competent to stand up against the current flagship smartphone of the Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy S5.

Let us compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 to that of the Blackberry Z30 with respect to their design, display, memory and camera features.


Comparing the design of the two smartphones, the Galaxy S5 is leaning more towards being lightweight whereas, the Blackberry has laid emphasis on premium quality build. It results in the Blackberry Z30 smartphone coming in a slightly heavier weight of 170 grams. One key feature of the Galaxy S5 smartphone is its ability to resist water and dust damages. The smartphone comes with an IP67 certification for protection against water and dust damages. Despite the protection feature focused on various areas of the smartphone, the S5 comes in a weight of 145 grams, much lighter than the Z30 smartphone. The use of polycarbonate plastic is still prevalent in the Samsung smartphones. Despite the incorporation of faux leather like cover at the rear, the plastic feeling remains.


Samsung’s high-end smartphones have always been acclaimed for their thin bezels. The Galaxy S5 also comes with thin bezels enabling the smartphone to feature its 5.1-inch screen. The screen of the S5 is a tad bigger than the Z30′s 5-inch display. However, the major difference lies in the resolution department. The Galaxy S5 comes with full HD display in comparison to the 720p display of the Z30 smartphone.

As a result, the difference in pixel density goes up to more than 100-ppi. The Blackberry Z30 smartphone comes with a Super AMOLED display that reduces the excellent saturation levels and contrast ratios.


In terms of memory, nothing beats the Samsung smartphones. The company has equipped its products with sufficient internal memory along with external memory card slots for memory enhancement. The Galaxy S5 is no exception and offers the users with 16GB and 32GB internal memory options. The external memory card slot offers the users enhanced memory of up to 128GB. In comparison, the Blackberry Z30 comes in 16GB internal memory option only. However, the Z30 comes with external memory card support for memory enhancement up to 64GB.


In terms of camera, the S5 comes with a considerably enhanced 16MP camera. In comparison, the 8MP camera of the Z30 smartphone does not stand a chance against the S5’s camera. The S5’s sensor comes with superior features to that of the Z30 smartphone. The S5 comes with 4K video recording and the capability to snap pictures and record videos at the same time.

The Samsung S5 derives power from the 2800 mAh battery unit, as compared to the 2880 mAh battery unit of the Blackberry Z30 smartphone. In terms of battery life, both these smartphones come at par with the other.


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