Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Blackberry Z30 – Comparing Differences between the Two Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has been the flagship device released by the Korean giant in the year 2014.

This plastic bodied device comes with a plethora of features that would give other companies a run for their money. Samsung Electronics has been busy recently with its latest releases on a regular basis. When it comes to releasing of updated versions of smartphones on a regular basis, Blackberry stands last in the line. The latest release of Blackberry, the Z30 smartphone came after a long time. Let us compare the differences between the two devices.

Top reasons to choose the Blackberry Z30 over Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

The foremost reason to choose the Z30 device over S5 is the presence of a modest battery power of the Blackberry Z30 smartphone. The Z30 is equipped with a lithium 2880 mAh battery in comparison to the 2800-mAh battery unit of the S5 device. The Z30 has an advantage over the S5 device in terms of direct updates from the OS vendor. Therefore, you are not required to wait for the network provider or the manufacturer to release an update for the device. In terms of design, the Blackberry Z30 comes equipped with stereo speakers that offer superior sound quality in comparison to the S5 smartphone. The Z30 has a dedicated camera button that enables the user to take pictures easily. The user can manually set the focus of the camera in the Z30 smartphone. The Z30 device comes equipped with an HDMI port, enabling the device to transfer videos and audio files to devices having HDMI or mini HDMI ports. The Z30 enables the user to run multiple apps in real time, as compared to the S5 device.

The Blackberry comes with a better security feature than the S5 device. The Z30 device can be located by making use of the Blackberry Protect site. The user can send a message, tone or find the Z30 device through GPS. This is a great feature and the best part – it comes free. The Blackberry Z30 device supports Adobe flash player, FM radio and Android apps. The Z30 is slightly shorter at 140.7mm in comparison to the 142mm height of the Galaxy S5 device. The Z30 is also modestly narrower at 72mm as compared to the 72.5mm width of the S5 smartphone.

Top reasons to choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 over Blackberry Z30 smartphone

The galaxy S5 smartphone comes with a quick quad core processor running at a speed of 2.5GHz in comparison to the dual core processor clocked at 1.7GHz of the Blackberry Z30 smartphone. The quick processor comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 cellular LTE chipset, which has integrated graphics and dynamic frequency scaling. Therefore, the user does not have to purchase a separate graphic card and Dynamic frequency scaling technology enables the processor to reduce the noise and conserve power on a light load.

In terms of design and display, the S5 device is lighter and thinner at 145 grams and 8.1mm respectively, as compared to the 170 grams weight and 9.4mm thickness of the Z30 smartphone. The S5 device comes equipped with a 5.1 inch display, having higher resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels with a 432-ppi pixel density as compared to the 5 inch screen, having 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 295-ppi of the Z30 device. The screen comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 coating for protection against scratches. The device also comes with an IP67 dust and water-resistant feature that is absent in the Z30 smartphone. The S5 smartphone comes with more features, as compared to the Z30 device. The S5 device offers the user more applications as compared to the Z30 smartphone. The S5 smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, wireless charging, ultra power saver mode, CMOS sensor, ISOCELL matrix, Wi-Fi Mimo and supports slow motion video recording, as compared to the Z30 smartphone.

The Samsung, Galaxy S5 smartphone has all the reasons to emerge as a better smartphone than the Z30 device. The S5 also comes with a better storage capacity at 32GB, with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement up to 128GB. In comparison, the Z30 has a 16GB internal memory and an external memory card slot for memory enhancement of up to 64GB only.


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