Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Google Nexus 5

The market is all flooded with smartphones of all sizes and features from all possible vendors.

Consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from. The specifications of all phones are incredible and the prices are attractive too. New players are slowly capturing the market share with low-cost offerings, which are highly powerful. Big players like Apple, Samsung, and others are losing market share to them and the business is getting affected. Whatever the case may be, the brands like Google and Samsung are big and here to stay. These companies have revolutionized the smartphone industry and will continue to do so in near future.

The bundles of phones are now fully loaded with immense capabilities. The looks, features, and prices of most phones are very attractive and this makes the process of choosing a phone even more difficult. Here is a sneak-peek into Galaxy S4 and Nexus 5. Both are amazing phones with uniqueness in different way. Let us take a look.

Both the phones are equally sized, which is 5 inches and the resolution offered too is 1920 X 1080, which is same in the two. The pixel density is, however, slightly higher for Nexus 5, but the quantum of difference is negligible. The clarity of the screen to naked eyes remains the same and both phones offer 16M colors. Samsung Galaxy S4 wins big with respect to camera with 13MP resolution as compared to that of Nexus, which is just 8MP. Even the front facing camera is better in Samsung Galaxy S4, which is 2 MP, while Nexus offers 1.3 MP.

The processing power of Nexus is more, which is 2260Mhz, higher than that of Galaxy S4, which is just 1900 Mhz. The RAM capacity of both the phones is same, a standard 2GB. Both phones promise to offer a standby time of 17 hours even though the battery in S4 is more powerful than the one in Nexus. The difference is significant, which is 300 mAh.

There are several other similarities in the 2 phones, making it difficult for a customer to decide which one to buy. Both have a good form factor, but the brands are majorly different. Samsung phones are now commoditized and are owned by every 2nd person. However, Google Nexus still has uniqueness in possession and comes in trendy colors. The pricing too is done strategically and Nexus comes at a relatively affordable price when compared to S4. S4 has certain advantages, but the price difference may not be justifiable. With Samsung, one gets proprietary Samsung apps, which come pre-installed. Also, S4 comes with an IR Port, which was once history. With the help of that and a Samsung app, one can easily have access to televisions and other units operable by IR.

The bottom line is that both phones are unique and offer good value. The purchase of any one is dependent on personal preferences and priorities.

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