Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S5 – Features and Specifications Comparison

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The Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4 are two premier smartphones launched by Samsung as part of its Galaxy S series.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 made available to interested buyers in early 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S5 hit the market the following year around the same time in 2014. With some identical features, there are also some marked differences between the smartphones that make an interesting comparative study. An attempt has been made below to analyze some of the key features of both the smartphones to aid you in your buying decision.

Dimensions and Weight

The Galaxy S5 smartphone is very marginally thicker than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and is also a couple of inches wider. It is also reasonably heavier than the Galaxy S4 by about 15 grams. However, both smartphones are easy to hold and operate with one hand like almost all other Samsung smartphones.

Verdict: The bigger size and extra weight of the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not render a drawback. Both smartphones can be considered to be on par, when these factors are considered, as the difference is not prominently visible at a glance.


Both Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 smartphones encompass a removable plastic rear that is a feature lacking in most of the present day smartphones. Like the other smartphones prior to the Galaxy S4 smartphone, Galaxy S5 encompasses a dimpled rear as against the smoother and glossier rear of Galaxy S4. Also, the edges of the Samsung Galaxy S5 feature a ridging effect that is not present in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Moreover, the IP67 certification of the Galaxy S5 smartphone ensures that it is both water and dust resistant.

Verdict: The IP67 certification does give the S5 a leading edge over the Samsung Galaxy S4. Also, the dimpled rear texture of Galaxy S5 provides a much better feel.


The Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones are both available in blue, white, and black colors. While the Galaxy S5 is additionally available in gold color, the Galaxy S4 smartphone is obtainable in red, silver, and purple as well.

Verdict: The S5 is a good choice, if you are looking for standard colors. But if you want a different color, then you are likely to be happier with the color options that Samsung Galaxy S4 has to offer.


Both the Galaxy S smartphones feature almost the same screen size with the Galaxy S5 screen being very slightly bigger than that of the Galaxy S4. This difference is in fact quite negligible and is practically unnoticeable. They encompass a Super AMOLED screen display with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lesser pixel density of 432ppi as against the 441ppi pixel density of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Both screens support adaptive, standard, dynamic, cinema, and photo modes, as well as allow you to have control over the display tone.

Verdict: With better calibration of contrast and colors, the Galaxy S5 produces more natural looking colors than the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This gives the Galaxy S5 an extra point to score over Galaxy S4.

CPU Processor, Graphics Processor, and RAM

The S5 is equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor that has a clocking frequency of 2.5GHz, as against the Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.9GHz processor of Samsung Galaxy S4. The graphics processor Adreno 330 of Galaxy S5 is also more powerful than the Adreno 320 processor of Galaxy S4. The in-built RAM is 2GB in both smartphones.

Verdict: The more powerful CPU and graphics processor make Samsung Galaxy S5 win over Samsung Galaxy S4, and allow you to have a smoother browsing experience and play games for reasonably longer periods of time.


Both the Galaxy S phones function using the Android 4.4 version named KitKat OS, with TouchWiz UI, the latest operating system from Google. However, in addition, the Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporates a newer version of the TouchWiz UI. This has resulted in visual improvements on the screen, making it look better, although the functionality is much the same. Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones with the older Android 4.2.2 operating system are also available.

Verdict: While both Galaxy these smartphones score equal points with respect to functionality, the Samsung Galaxy S5 takes a slightly leading edge as far as visualization is concerned.

Internal Storage and Memory

The Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 smartphones are available in two options of 16GB and 32GB internal memory each. Also, although both smartphones comprise memory card slots for memory expansion, the Galaxy S5 can accommodate memory cards up to a maximum of 128GB while the upper limit is 64GB in Samsung Galaxy S4.

Verdict: Once again Samsung Galaxy S5 ranks a step ahead with its ability for better memory enhancement.


The Galaxy S5 comes equipped with a 16 MP camera with an LED flash, a hybrid AF system and a Samsung ISOCELL sensor. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is loaded with a 13-megapixel camera with an LED flash, a contrast detect AF system and a erSony sensor. The Galaxy S5 also features a higher aspect sensor of 16:9 as against the 4:3 aspect sensor of the Galaxy S4. Although both cameras produce relatively similar shots during good lighting, the Galaxy S5 images are actually a bit sharper. Moreover, during low-light conditions, the Auto mode of the Galaxy S5 smartphone functions better than that of the Galaxy S4. With respect to video recording, Samsung Galaxy S5 utilizes 4K video capture, while Samsung Galaxy S4 makes use of the 1080p video capture. Both Galaxy smartphones feature a 2MP front facing camera.

Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a step ahead when it comes to producing good widescreen shots. However, if you would like to use special effects like HDR, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be a better choice.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone encompasses standard Android security features such as password, pin choice and face or pattern unlock. The Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporates all these security modes and also provides the availability of a fingerprint scanner. This scanner is present on the Home key of the smartphone and can be used to lock or unlock your smartphone, as well as secure the private data on your phone.

Verdict: With the advanced fingerprint scanner security feature, the Samsung Galaxy S5 wins an extra point over its predecessor.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a battery life of 2,800 mAh as against the 2,600 mAh of the Samsung Galaxy S4. On full charge, the Galaxy S5 renders 14 hours of video playback while the Galaxy S4 offers 11 hours of the same. Additionally, the battery saving mode of the Galaxy S5 helps in not only changing the screen to black and white but also gives access to only a few pre-selected apps. Moreover, with this feature activated and minimum usage of the smartphone, you can make the last 10 percent of your phone’s battery available for a full day.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S5 is the leader without dispute when it comes to extended battery life.

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