Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Specifications and Pricing Compared

After successfully managing to exploit the popularity of its flagship models with miniature versions, Samsung recently came out with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

It will be succeeding the Galaxy S4 Mini, which has been fairly successful. The new device manages to bring a number of features from the Galaxy S5, which may have received a lot of criticism for its design, but it still remains as one of the top smartphones of 2014.


The Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Mini cannot be separated much in terms of design, although it is the latter that looks more premium of the two. The Galaxy S4 Mini is more of a traditional phone, in that, it does not support features like water resistance. The Galaxy S5 Mini benefits from its bigger cousin having those features. Samsung has been able to get IP67 certification for the Galaxy S5 Mini, when it comes to water and dust resistance. In addition to this, they have also added the fingerprint sensor. These additions result in the weight of the phone being increased to 120 g. The Galaxy S4 Mini weighs just 107 g.


Screen size has been increased on the Galaxy S5 Mini. The Galaxy S4 Mini came with a 4.3 inch display that has been bumped up to 4.5 inches. Along with the increase in size, an increase in resolution is also offered. The Galaxy S4 Mini was capable of handling only 540 x 960 pixels in resolution, but the Galaxy S5 Mini provides up to 720 x 1280 pixels. These improvements make a telling difference in terms of multimedia experience. In order to complete the multimedia experience, Samsung offers an improved internal memory, coupled with support for up to 64 GB microSD cards.


Support for memory cards is offered on the Galaxy S4 Mini as well, but it comes with only 8 GB of internal memory. Further, the Android OS takes up 3 GB of this internal memory to leave the user with just 5 GB out of the box. This makes the memory card a necessity, rather than a luxury. It is not the case with the Galaxy S5 Mini with its abundant 16 GB of internal storage, out of which 11 GB will be available to the user.


A number of connectivity options are offered on both phones, but it is surprising to see the Galaxy S5 Mini miss out on the DLNA feature. This is present on the Galaxy S4 Mini. However, the NFC support is also absent in the non-LTE models of the Galaxy S5 Mini. Apart from these minor changes, the connectivity options are carried over from the Galaxy S4 Mini.

Performance is more than adequate on both phones because of powerful processors, but the Galaxy S5 Mini, which cost $550, has twice the capacity with its quad core 1.4 GHz processor compared to the dual core 1.7 GHz processor on the Galaxy S4 Mini, which costs $290.

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