Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S – Design and Build Compared

Apple and Samsung are biggest arch rivals in the mobile industry.

Both these companies have been fighting it out for the top spot in the smartphone arena for a long time. It seems that both these companies would be entangled in the smartphone patent battle for eternity. Both the companies have filed litigations against each other, claiming the other has infringed their designs. Both Apple and Samsung have made requests to the court, in order to ban sales of others’ smartphones. Regardless, whatever the decision of the court is, it seems to be a never-ending war.

Released in the month of September, the Apple iPhone 4S has gained popularity overnight. The iPhone 4S has overtaken the smartphone market by a storm, taking away the competition from a plethora of Android based smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung released the Galaxy S3 in May, claiming better and more enhanced specs than the Apple’s iPhone 4S or any Android smartphone in direct competition with the Samsung’s latest release. Let us put the two smartphones in comparison to each other in terms of their design and build quality, to determine which handset would woo the potential customer.


It can be stated without any doubt that the Apple iPhone’s design and build quality has set a benchmark for smartphone companies today. Despite the Apple smartphones being slightly heavier and considerably smaller than the Samsung’s handsets, they feel and look much elegant and stylish than Samsung and other available smartphones in the market. The glass and metal casing provides the iPhone 4S with a premium smartphone feeling.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in a polycarbonate plastic body. The S3 comes in a lighter shell, weighing around 133 grams in comparison to the 140 gram weight of the iPhone 4S. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may look good in terms of weight and size, but it cannot be termed as a must buy smartphone. The thin metal trim running across the edge of the GS3 does not wave away the cheap plastic look of the handset. In addition, the iPhone 4S is more hardwearing than the Samsung’s GS3 smartphone.

Size and Shape

The Galaxy S3 smartphone comprises of curved edges, which makes the handset easier to hold despite its larger size as compared to the iPhone 4S smartphone. Regardless, if your hands were petite, you would struggle to operate the GS3 smartphone with one hand, due to its large 4.8-inch display. Reaching the corners of the GS3 smartphone, while operating the handset with a single hand, would be a daunting task for most potential users.

Nonetheless, the bigger screen of the GS3 has the additional advantage for gaming and watching videos. The GS3 offers better viewing angles than the iPhone 4S smartphone.

Bottom Line

However, the iPhone 4S comes with a higher pixel density of 326-ppi, as compared to the 313-ppi pixel density of the Galaxy S3 smartphone. The difference is not notable while watching movies, browsing the internet or streaming YouTube. The massive Super AMOLED display of the GS3 offers similar clear, crisp and bright viewing experience as that of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S emerges a winner in terms of design and build quality in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S3.


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