Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – Comparing Specs and Features

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Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy S3 smartphone, the successor to the successful Galaxy S II device.

Let us compare the Samsung Galaxy S3 to its arch rival the Apple iPhone 4S to explore their differences.


Both these smartphones are entirely different, with regard to their weight and size. The iPhone is a smaller device at 58.6mm x 115.2mm of breadth and stature respectively as compared to the 71mm x 137mm dimensions of the S3 smartphone. The S3 is apparently a much larger phone.

However, the Galaxy S3 smartphone is both lighter and thinner than the Apple iPhone 4S device. The S3 weighs 133 grams and comes with a thickness of 8.6mm. In comparison, iPhone 4S comes with a thickness of 9.3mm and weighs around 140 grams.


The display of both these devices is the reason for the difference in their dimensions. The S3 device comprises of a 4.8 inch screen. On the other hand, the 4S comes with a small 3.5 inch screen.

However, both the devices come with high resolution and pixel densities. iPhone 4S sports a 640 x 960 pixels resolution and has a pixel density of 326-ppi. In comparison, the S3 device comes with a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and 306-ppi of pixel density.

Both the devices impress equally with their picture quality.


The Processor is considered an essential element in a handset. The S3 makes use of Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad chipset along with quad core processor running at 1.4GHz speed. In comparison, iPhone 4S comes with an A5 dual core chipset based on an efficient ARM Cortex A9.

However, S3 is also based on ARM Cortex A9. On the specs sheet, the S3 has a more powerful processor. This does not mean that it provides the user with equally efficient performance.


Both the competing models are equipped with similar storage options. Both these devices come in three models – 16, 32 and 64GB.

The S3 has an advantage of providing the user with external memory card slot for memory enhancement, which the iPhone 4S does not have.


Both the devices have an 8MP rear camera. However, the S3 comprises of a 1.9MP front camera when compared to the VGA camera of the iPhone 4S device. Both the devices have the capability to record high quality videos at 1080p.


This is another area where both the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S differ from each other. The Galaxy S3 comes with an Android version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system along with a TouchWiz cover. In comparison, iPhone 4S is loaded with Apple’s own iOS software.


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