Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Round – Would The Curve Make The Difference?

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Here you can find a short, useful comparison between two amazing Samsung phones, the Galaxy Round and the Galaxy Note 3.

Both the phones are bundled with hardware specifications which are very similar, so apparently the difference comes with the exterior design of the two handsets.

First, both the devices are packed with displays of 5.7-inch and 1080p. The difference is that the Galaxy Round comes with an AMOLED screen and the Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t. In addition, both provide great camera units of 13 MP, a system memory of 3GB, the operating system Android 4.3 version along with Touch Wiz, and Quad Core processors. A difference comes with the battery unit; the Galaxy Note 3 houses a larger battery unit than the other because the Galaxy Round has lack of space in its body. Luckily the Galaxy Round houses two battery units, however.  On the other layer both the phones have a fake plastic design.

Certainly, the big difference between the two is that the Samsung Galaxy Round has a display in a curved shape, with a unique angle unseen at other smartphones, which makes it an original designed smartphone. It can be seen if you are looking at the side and the thing that we like about that is the fast notification appearing if you just move the handset down a little. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a normal screen, which is flat, offering the real condition you need to take notes.


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