Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Getting Closer as Samsung Cuts Galaxy Note 3’s price

The Galaxy Note 4’s release date is approaching and Samsung is making the arrangements for its Unpacked2 event, which will take place in September. It seems that they’re planning to significantly increase the chip orders in the Q3 of 2014. At the same time, they lowered the price of the Galaxy Note 4 by 90 dollars and we’re guessing that this is a sign telling us that the release of the Note 4 will happen soon.

Galaxy Note 4, releasing soon?

Some reports which include the ones from IBTimes, indicate that Samsung will most likely debut their second flagship for 2014 earlier than expected. Probably to get ahead of Apple’s most expected phone iPhone 6, which is rumored to come in two variants: a 4.7inch one and a 5.5inch one.

In concordance with DigiTimes, it seems that Note 4’s debut is now underway. They added that Samsung wants to keep their handset shipments high in order to maintain their market share in Q3 2014, so it is expected that they will double the chip orders.

All these things point that Galaxy Note 4’s release date is getting close.

Lower prices

In concordance with SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 3’s price was cut and now it is sold for around 630 dollars in India, being 90 dollars cheaper than previously.

The promotion deal also includes the Galaxy Note 3 Neo and SamMobile believes that Samsung made this move to accelerate the sales and to make room for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

This happened before, in the past few years, and companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung are always making super deals on the last minute, in order get “rid” of the current version of their devices and make room for the upcoming ones.

So, with this great deals coming up and the increase on supply chain and all the activities from Samsung, it is more likely that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will hit the markets very soon.

It is rumored that Galaxy Note 4’s release date will be somewhere in the middle of September or few days later, after the device will be previewed at the IFA Trade show, which is held on September 3.


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