Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date and 4 Best Features Make The Difference

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be introduced at IFA 2014 which will be held in Berlin on September 3.

If that happens, the Samsung fans will be able to buy the Galaxy Note 4 before the end of September. The big sized phone is rumored to come with great features and specs and it will be a worthy opponent for Apple’s iPhone 6. Here are four of the features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might come with.

Big screen, but still a Light and Slim device

It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will be released in two screen variants, a 4.7inch one and 5.5inch one. Apple’s upcoming phone will be also light and slim at the same time, although the big screen size it comes with.

So, to counter this, Samsung should keep the 5.7inch Note 4’s profile, but they will need to take care of the weight and how the phone will look like in order to keep the users interested in buying it.

More S-Pen functions

Even if Samsung “resurrected” Steve Job’s stylus, the tool seems to be getting old and it needs some new features to be added to it. In a report from Droid Life, it is said that Samsung might redesign its S-Pen, to give it more functions that it had until now. Apart from being an electronic writing instrument, this could also be used as a game controller or a remote and Samsung should think about enhancing their S-Pen functions.

An improved TouchWiz

Since Samsung has no intention of ditching its TouchWiz UI, the company will have to do something about it to improve it, maybe add some new features or to give up on older ones. An interface with fewer features would help the phablet become more stable and faster.

Technology used for the display

Many indicated that the Note 4 will come with the same 5.7inches display size and the phablet will have a Quad HD panel or QHD. The Note 4 will actually feature a Super AMOLED screen, and Samsung has used this technology for its Galaxy S Tab series.

AMOLED is way better than LCD because it has a faster reaction speed, better viewing angles, a higher contrast level and accurate colors.


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