Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Comparison of Design

Rumors run rampant with the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tablet.

However, whether the latest, about to be released, tablet, from the Korean giant, will be able to provide specific enhancements over its predecessor, is a good point for discussion.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released before the launch of IFA 2014. The tablet is rumored to be released alongside the latest releases from Nokia and the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone. Rumors also suggest that Note 4 might be the last launch from the Korean giant, for the year 2014. The tablet is expected to give its arch rivals iPhone 6 smartphone, some serious competition.

Samsung’s Note series has produced some good products over the years; thus, building more expectations from the Note 4 tablet. Moreover, Samsung Electronics tablets have started gaining popularity after the initial dismay.

In comparison, the predecessor, Note 3 tablet has been widely admired by the masses. The Note 3 has been declared the unprecedented king of the tablets segment, as no one in the same segment has been able to overthrow the Note 4 from its throne. The Note 3 comes equipped with abundance of power, superb screen, day’s worth battery life and a decent camera. Overall, the Note 3 would be adjudged as one among the best multitasking tablets in the market.

The Note 4 is expected to be released next month, in all probability. Let us compare, the Note 4 to its predecessor, the Note 3, in terms of their design.


Dimensions and weight: In terms of design, the Galaxy Note 3 appears large, in both small and large hands. The device measures 151.2mm in stature, 79.2mm in breadth and 8.3mm in thickness. These dimensions are large for a smartphone, but, then again, the Note 3 is a tablet. It is expected that a tablet will be large. In terms of weight, the device comes at a weight of 168 grams. However, it is a notable feature how the company managed to bring the weight down, as compared to its predecessors, in the Galaxy Note series.

Size: Any information regarding the Note 4 tablet until now is a rumor, till the device is released in the market. The latest rumor about the design of the Note 4 suggests that the tablet would come in a size similar to that of its predecessor, the Note 3. However, the use of a metal frame in its design is also suggested by the rumors. More leaks about the design of the Note 4 suggest that the tablet would be squarer in size, as compared to its predecessors. The tablet might be thinner too.

Hardware: Rumors suggest that the hardware might come with enhancements such as company’s heart rate monitor, placed next to the LED flash, similar to the Galaxy S5 smartphone.


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