Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs Samsung Galaxy Core Advance – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Grand Neo to take advantage of the growing dual SIM market in several countries across the world.

This device comes in with the latest trends in the smartphone segment such as touch sensitive buttons rather than physical buttons. However, keen to tap the market of older physical buttons, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Core Advance.


The Galaxy Core Advance is a device that has very physical buttons below a large touch screen display. The lack of physical buttons has proven to be an issue for some and this is an attempt to satisfy those. The Galaxy Grand Neo looks like any other Samsung device from afar, due to its design. Its large 5 inch display is supported by one physical home button and two touch sensitive buttons.


While most smartphone manufacturers having Android products rely upon controls within the OS, Samsung continues to persist with dedicated buttons. The ability to take advantage of the full 5 inch display is one of the advantages of this philosophy. Samsung offers a slightly smaller 4.7 inch display with the Galaxy Core Advance. A disadvantage with regard to these two displays may be their poor resolution. A standard 480 x 800 pixels of resolution is offered in both, thus translating into a pixel density of less than 200 PPI.


The base version of both products comes with 8 GB of internal storage, but the Galaxy Grand Neo does come with the additional option of 16 GB internal storage. This would be particularly useful for users who do not plan to root their devices. Right now, there are few options to move the app installation from the internal memory to external memory cards for non-rooted devices. Even though external memory card is supported in both these products, it would be beneficial to have more internal storage. The Galaxy Core Advance comes with only 8 GB of storage and there are no alternatives.


Connectivity options are rich on the Galaxy Grand Neo due to aspects like DLNA and Wi-Fi direct, when compared with the connectivity options of the Galaxy Core Advance. Apart from these two aspects, the two devices are almost similar, but the former does support faster download speeds.


The biggest difference between the Galaxy Grand Neo and the Galaxy Core Advance is in their speed where because of a quad core 1.2 GHz processor, the former is substantially faster. The Galaxy Core Advance comes with a slower dual core 1.2 GHz processor. In terms of multitasking capabilities, they are similar because of 1 GB of RAM being used as standard.

Even though the Galaxy Grand Neo offers a much larger screen, it has a battery that is only slightly larger than the 2000 mAh capacity of the Galaxy Core Advance. The Galaxy Grand Neo uses a 2100 mAh battery.

The Galaxy Grand Neo retails for $220 for the unlocked versions with 8 GB of internal storage on-board. The Galaxy Core Advance with similar memory costs $230.

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