Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

After having dominated the dual SIM smartphone segment in the last few years, Samsung recently took a leaf out of its own book, by offering a phone with a large display, coupled with dual SIM support.

This device, the Galaxy Grand Duos, was well received in several markets and it is not surprising to see the second-generation come out at the start of 2014.


The Galaxy Grand Duos offers mid-range smartphone features for the device, but this is a device that looks almost like a high end smartphone, thanks to its 5 inch display. This display may not offer high resolutions; in fact, it offers only 480 x 800 pixels; but the screen size alone gives a huge advantage, compared to other phones in this price. The Galaxy Grand 2 builds on this aspect by offering a 5.25 inch display. However, it does not really increase the screen size, as it also offers a 720p resolution. More than the increase in screen size, this increase in resolution could do the trick for the Galaxy Grand 2.


Some of the aspects of the two phones remain exactly similar and this primarily includes the camera. An eight megapixel camera was offered on the Galaxy Grand Duos. This continues in the Galaxy Grand 2, as do the features, like, full HD video recording, image stabilization, LED flash, and face detection. Videos recorded using this phone come with full stereo sound to add to the high resolution. The front facing two megapixel camera has been slightly downgraded to a 1.9 megapixel camera, on the Galaxy Grand 2, but it is not a huge reduction to put doubts in the minds of buyers.


Users are unlikely to notice the small difference in camera quality, largely because the Galaxy Grand 2 features an overwhelming increase in processing speed thanks to its quad core 1.2 GHz processor. In terms of raw processing capacity, this phone is twice as fast as the Galaxy Grand Duos, because this device features a dual core 1.2 GHz processor. RAM has also been increased substantially, from 1 GB on the Galaxy Grand Duos, to 1.5 GB on the Galaxy Grand 2. This tremendous processing speed is one of the reasons for the Galaxy Grand 2 being able to support the latest android 2.2 version.

The lower amount of RAM coupled with a substantially slower processor means that the Galaxy Grand Duos will not be able to support more than the 4.2 version. This would be a considerable disadvantage, considering that Google has brought out several changes, since the jelly bean operating system.


The screen size may have increased by 0.25 inches, but the higher processing speed means that the Galaxy Grand 2 needs to come with the 2600 mAh battery as opposed to the 2100 mAh battery on the Galaxy Grand Duos. Battery life features a substantial increase on the Galaxy Grand 2, due to optimization techniques.

The Galaxy Grand 2 costs $288 while the Galaxy Grand Duos costs $255.

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