Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 Set to Be Unveiled Shortly

Samsung was one of the first companies that made the notion of wearable devices for Android extremely popular.

The first generation device came out in September 2013. Even though there were several flaws in it, it was widely well-received. The second-generation was launched in April 2014 and it introduced some crucial changes to the first-generation device. First and foremost, Samsung improved its support. The Galaxy Gear 2 went from being a device that was supported only by a handful of phones with a wide range of Samsung smartphones.

Samsung is expected to not only launch the Galaxy Note 4 at the start of September, but it is also heavily rumored that the Galaxy Gear 3 could also be on its way too. This will be the third-generation of the Galaxy Gear.

Operating System

Once the primary problems faced by the first-generation device was the poor battery life. Samsung realized that this was largely caused by the Android operating system. This forced them to switch to the Tizen OS, which has been developed in-house. Even though it looks very similar to the Android OS, a huge advantage comes in the battery life, that is reportedly increased twofold or even threefold in some cases. This was brilliant considering that Samsung has actually reduced the battery capacity on the Galaxy Gear.

Key Specifications

Compared to the original version that offered a 315 mAh battery, the Galaxy Gear 2 offered only a 300 mAh battery. The weight of the device has also been brought down slightly, to improve the comfort when wearing it for longer periods. Some aspects like the internal memory, RAM, and the display size have been maintained as before. It is rumored that the Galaxy Gear 3 may offer a slightly larger display than the 1.63 inch display used right now. This is expected to be achieved primarily by reducing the bezel thickness.


Support for this new Galaxy Gear may extend well beyond the high end smartphones. It is expected to be offered along with the Galaxy Note 4 in a special package. It should bode well considering the astronomical prices for the standalone previous generation devices. Despite being an extension of the smartphone that already cost close to $700, Samsung has been charging around $300 for its Galaxy Gear devices. This has been one of the primary reasons behind the product not setting the sales charts on fire.


This could change with the new Galaxy Gear 3, given that a number of features are expected to make its appearance in this product. The expectations are that the Galaxy Gear 3 could feature a curved display – a first for a wearable tech device. Along with these additions, the price is also expected to be raised. One should not be surprised to see the Galaxy Gear 3 costing around $350, although buying it along with the Galaxy Note 4 will bring down this price substantially.

According to rumors, future versions of the Galaxy Gear could come with the ability to support SIM cards.

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