Roku vs. Apple TV – Quick Comparison Review on Their Performances

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The most recommended streaming boxes, presently available in the market, are the Roku3 and the Apple TV.

However, making a choice between the Roku 3 and the Apple TV can be a daunting task. If you were looking for a media-streaming box in the market, the choice automatically would come to these two devices.

However, despite the release of Amazon Fire TV in the market, the Apple TV and the Roku 3 are still the most recommended options, when it comes to the media streaming boxes. Both these devices come with a price tag of $100 each. Both these extremely refined devices offer the potential user with an array of features. In fact, both these devices receive regular software updates. Therefore, the box you plan to purchase today would be much better in the near future.

Before we start the comparison review of both these devices, the overall recommendation is very simple:

In case, you have invested heavily into the Apple ecosystem, you should opt for the Apple TV. The device offers iTunes. It is gradually adding other important applications such as WatchESPN and HBO Go. The earlier criticized limited area of services has now widened, for the user. However, AirPlay is still the best feature of the Apple TV.

However, if you are not an Apple fan, you should opt for the Roku 3 media streaming player. Roku encompasses over 750 channels, receives latest services and apps much quicker, in comparison to the Apple TV. Most of it includes filler content. However, there are services offered by Roku that are absent in the Apple TV, such as Amazon Instant. The latest interface of the Roku device comes with superior enhancements that run quickly on the Roku 3 hardware. The best feature on Roku’s remote is the headphone jack that enables the user to stream without disturbing others.

Roku 3

The device was released early in 2013. The device has a simple design and comes with huge improvements on various drawbacks of its predecessors.

The refurbished Roku interface is an enormous improvement as compared to the previous ‘film strip’ look. However, once you begin to explore various applications, the experience fluctuates. Roku’s plus point has always been its impressive collection of content. The company is very regular in adding more content to its already long list. The device also comes equipped with a cross-platform search that truly works well.

One major drawback with Roku is the non availability of YouTube. It is still unavailable on Roku, with no possibility of its coming in the near future. The media-streaming box comes in a decent design. However, the remote is a standout feature.

Apple TV

The Apple TV made an appearance in the market as a clunky device, having limited streaming options. However, with regular updates the Apple TV emerges as the best among other streaming boxes available in the market.

The drawback of the limited list of streaming options has been long overblown. The inclusion of HBO Go and WatchESPN justifies the statement. However, Amazon Instant remains a chief missing source. It does offer iTunes, comprising of a plethora of TV shows and video options. None can beat the presentation of the Apple TV. Airplay remains the best feature of the Apple TV. However, the small size of the remote is a disappointment.

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