Plants vs Zombies Cheats – Best Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Reach The Top

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The first thing you have to do when you are starting your Plants vs. Zombies strategy is to observe what zombies you are battling against. This will help you pick the right plant to be on your side, seeing how some plants have custom abilities to fight some zombies or slow others down.

For example, the Wal-nut seems to be a great option every time – you can build your wall of defense to collect suns in peace and plant Pea-shooters and everything else you want to use. The Wal-nut is an especially great choice when you are battling Pole-vaulting Zombies. These zombies have as their main trait the fact that they jump on the first plant they encounter – except they cannot jump the Wal-nuts. So starting your game with that, will help you win the battle.

Another strategy method is figuring out when exactly you should plant your most expensive plants. At the beginning, the levels start with just one or two zombies which can be fought by some cheaper plants without a problem. If you want to plant a Pea-shooter we suggest waiting to see which row in the lawn the zombies want to enter, and then plant the Pea-shooter there. The Sunflower should be planted in the time you are killing the first zombies, so you can maximize your suns.

Also, don’t dismiss the free plants you can get like the Sea-shroom and Puff-shroom. Sure, they are not the greatest plants but they do some damage to the zombies coming at you, and in this time you can save up suns and you will get to plant more expensive plants (for example: the Threepeater). Don’t forget about bombs! The Potatoe-mine is cheap and will come as a great addition to your defense when zombies get past your lawnmowers because they will just… blow them up.

We are sure you will be tempted to use things like the Melon-pult because of the damage they create – but you have to think about the downsides of this plant like the expensive price and the time it takes to fire another melon. We suggest buying the Threepeater instead: it comes at the same price but it shoots more peas and you will be able to cover three rows.

The most important advice we can give you is learn your plants and zombies! When you get a new zombie or a new plant, learn their traits and then figure out how you can win the battle. It’s no worries if it takes a little longer to win a battle, because after that you can easily battle your way through the zombies, seeing how you know what each can do and how to combat them.


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