PES 2015 Features Revealed, Releasing This November

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Konami has officially announced a release date for their fan favorite football franchise PES 2015 and it is getting released November this year.

The game is the one and only competitor in the genre that has survived against Electronic Arts FIFA series. While FIFA is more of an arcade title that has some amazing presentation and commentary, Pro Evolution Soccer which also had a wing named Winning Eleven in the past, has its strength resting on its simulation features.

The gameplay is very realistic and is meant for serious football fans, who just can’t digest stuff like scoring ten goals in a row as people do in EA’s game. A lot of new features related to the upcoming title have also been revealed by Konami. The company is really busy at the moment, making a wide range of announcements, including the confirmation for Metal Gear Solid 5 which is coming to PC.

‘PES ID’ Brings Realism

Compared to the older versions, it is presumed that PES 2015 is going to be much more detailed in terms of graphics and features an all new addition named the ‘PES ID’. Konami is relying hugely on this feature which is said to make world’s star player move the way they do in real life and allow them to act as they have done in the grounds. The company has put in a lot of effort to make this possible and have incorporated over 1000 player animations as well as playing styles to bring the much needed authenticity into the game.

When you play the game, you will realize that Ronaldo runs quicker, than any other, with a strong defensive stance, whereas Neymar will do a lot of silly tricks, as he usually does in real matches. Another interesting addition to the game is going to be the game plan’s used by famous leagues and teams. You don’t have to keep aligning their formation manually, because Chelsea will automatically adopt the counter attack position whereas Barcelona tiki-taka will be in place as soon as you select the team.

Quicker Movements, Crowd Reactions

PES 2015 is going to be quick, says the developer. Unlike older versions, the graphical aspects are now much more fluid and players will move more seamlessly than ever. On the whole, the game will feel much quicker and players should learn to develop quick reflexes so as to cope up with the competition. There will be additional on the ball abilities, better ball physics and multiple levels of pace to allow you to accurately plan your every shot. The crowd will be more context sensitive now and will naturally react, rather than chanting the same throughout the match. DLC packs will be weekly according to Konami which will allow them to update player skills based on real world statistics. The game will now have a stadium editor, better menu and second tier leagues including Italy, France and England.

PES 2015 will get a demo on September 17th while the full game is slated for release on November 13th.

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