Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The entry-level smartphone segment has been of a major assistance to Nokia during the company’s troubled times.

It is not surprising, given that the phones like Nokia Lumia 520 represent incredible ‘value for money’ propositions. The Lumia 520 offers the Windows Phone experience, in an affordable package, but until the launch of the Nokia X, the company has not been matching Android experience.

Operating System

The Nokia X may be an Android device, but it’s an Android smartphone like none other. It does not come in the full-fledged version of Android like many other smartphones. Instead, it uses a unique vision of the operating system that is overlaid with several Nokia apps. One of the advantages of this merger is the presence of apps like the Nokia’s Here Maps, which are widely regarded as one of the best off-line navigators. However, it also takes away the experience of being able to use the entire Android app ecosystem.


Meanwhile, the Lumia 520 may be an entry-level smartphone; but it provides the same Windows Phone operating system, seen in several high end devices. It may have only a dual core 1 GHz processor from snapdragon, but it is more than enough to offer an excellent user experience. The phone is aided by 512 MB of RAM which may limit the device in terms of future updates, but it helps smooth user experience in the present. The Nokia X also comes with a similar amount of RAM. It ships with the android 4.1 operating system. The processor is of similar clock speeds, compared to the Lumia 520. It is a dual core 1 GHz processor of different configuration.

The graphics processing unit, though, is a significant downsize, compared to the Lumia 520’s Adreno 305 GPU. The Nokia X comes with the Adreno 203 GPU.


The latter also misses out quite significantly in the camera department, because of its paltry 3.15 megapixel camera, compared to the decent five megapixel autofocus camera on the Lumia 520. Apart from coming with autofocus capabilities, this camera will also be able to record 720p HD videos, whereas, the Nokia X’s camera would be able to shoot only 480p videos. Both, however, miss out on the front facing camera.


A similarity between the two devices lies in the screen where the IPS panel is used in a 4 inch size. This capacitive display will be able to support only two fingers at any given moment on the Nokia X. Multitouch of the finest order is present on the Lumia 520. Nokia also provides a scratch resistant glass in order to protect the display. It may not be a similar standard to that of the Gorilla Glass, but it’s relatively good. The Nokia X lacks this aspect, but it offers the same 480 x 800 pixels resolution as the Lumia 520.

The Lumia 520 in the 8 GB format retails at $100 compared to the $130 price for the Nokia X, which may be last Android phone.

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