Nexus 8 Release Date with Android L Update and Gorgeous Graphics

There is a rumor that Goggle will make a partnership with HTC for the newest project, Nexus 8 and the launching date of the Nexus 8 will probably going to happen shortly with the Android L tablet newly certified.

South Korea was the place where the device was certified, by the report of G3Games. According to it the newest creations firstly confirmed that HTC ONE M8 creator, HTC, is making the supply Android tablet and it is entered by the name Flounder or Volantis.

Another news was that the model no 0P8210000 reappeared, which G4Games marked first moved into tech notice back in June and courteousness of the popular leaker, Evan Blass, well known by its twitter account: evleaks.

At this moment, the certification made in South Korea was without the usual key details like configuration and features, that Android users would adore reading about. Happily for them another leaker, which twitter account is UpLeaks, uploaded the photo and pretended that the Nexus 8 is a brutal opponent for Apple’s iPad mini and iPad air.

NVDIA’s newest 64 bit Tegra is the processing chip used in the tablet for the engine power which is paired with 4 gb of RAM. This combination will heat up the Nexus 8’s 8 MP back camera that will work with a front cam of 1.6 MP.

UpLeaks point out the NFC ( near field communication) as through the fresh further qualities, attaching that a smartphone Nexus 8 is on the run with Google and HTC choosing Qualcomm’s MDM 9 x 25 as the LTE modem.

The Nexus 8 tablet is awaited to increase from additional engineering, making use of HTC’s zero hap unibody metal casing finish, which clearly is a overturning from the HTC One M7 and One M8.

Another sure-fire selling point is the 8.9-inch screen profile that led to speculations the tab is coming out of the box with the HTC Nexus 9 branding. The same display panel is said to show off a Retina-busting screen resolution of 2560 x 1600.

Another certain selling regard is the 8,9 inch screen-profile that led the result of rumors of the tablet release as HTC Nexus 9 branding. The identical display board is probably going to show off a retina busting screen of 2560×1600.

Thus, there is a speculation that the accessibility feature seen from the precursors could be modified a little, while the Nexus 8 or 9 will remain straight to the GOOGLE gadget tradition of displaying native Android dexterity with high end parts.

Quoting to a recently IHC as a source, Android Authority declare that the Android L powered  Google Nexus 8 price is probably about $400 on the rumored launching date October or November this year or about $1000 premium from Nexus 7 (2013) .

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