Nexus 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 – Features and Specs Compared

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The Android flagship smartphone arena comprises of several competitions along with opinions about which smartphone would serve you best.

However, two among a plethora of smartphones, generated the most hype in the year 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. The Galaxy S4 was released in the market in April, whereas, the Nexus 5 was released in November 2013. The Galaxy S4 versus Nexus 5 comparison review would educate the potential buyer to come to the right decision before buying any of these two smartphones.

Look and Feel

Both the Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4 would be rated as high-end smartphones. Both the handsets are capable of giving the Apple iPhone, a run for their money considering their size. However, the Nexus 5 comes with a more rounded top and bottom than the GS4 handset. In addition, the Nexus 5 is 0.7mm thicker than the GS4. Regardless, both the devices are available in a weight of 130 grams.

The difference between the two smartphones is in their surface aesthetics. The GS4 comes in a glossy finish along with metallic sides, providing the smartphone with a snappy look. In comparison, the Nexus 5 offers a plain look and feel to the user. However, the Nexus 5 comes with a non-slick matte finish, providing a nice feeling when held in the hand. Both the devices are made from plastic, but the GS4 provides a cheaper plastic feel, in comparison to the Nexus 5 smartphone.


In terms of specifications, both these smartphones offer the user with similar high-end guts. Both the smartphones have 1920x1080pixels resolution offering a pixel density of 440-ppi. Both are equipped with NFC, LTE, 2GB of RAM and more.

Nexus 5 has an advantage over the GS4 smartphone by virtue of being released almost six months after the release of the latter. The nexus 5 comprises of a Snapdragon 800 processor in comparison to the Snapdragon 600 processor available on the GS4. Both the processors come equipped with four cores. However, the Nexus 5’s processor runs at 2.3GHz, in comparison to the 1.9GHz running speed of the GS4’s processor.

The GS4 comes with a tad bigger battery in comparison to the Nexus 5 smartphone. However, both offer similar battery life to the user. The Nexus 5 performs slightly better with the combination of Snapdragon 800 and Android version 4.4 KitKat operating system in comparison to the GS4 smartphone.


For starters, the GS4 comes with all sorts of gimmicks and tweaks equipped by Samsung. The TouchWiz features work neatly and efficiently. However, most of these apps are hardly used by people after a month of usage.

However, the Android based KitKat OS, used by the Nexus 5 is exactly opposite to the Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The Nexus 5 is more responsive and quicker of the two smartphones. The Google Now feature of the Nexus 5 integrates better than the GS4’s S Voice feature.

To be precise, in the software department, the GS4 offers more than Nexus 5 smartphone. The former includes camera enhancements, S Health apps, eye tracking features and more.

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