Nexus 4 vs Sony Xperia Z1 vs LG Optimus G Pro – Best of The Best Comparison

Today, we’re looking at two LG-made smartphones that made their presence known in the market. Both devices got a chance to be LG’s flagship device, and today they’re facing Sony’s Xperia Z1 to see which is the best handset. The LG devices we are examining are the LG Nexus 4 and the LG Optimus G Pro.


In terms of display, the Optimus G Pro comes out on top, with a 5.5 inch display. On the other side, with the smallest display of only 4.7 inches, is the LG Nexus 4, while the Sony Xperia Z1 rests in the middle with a 5 inch display. The LG Nexus 4 has a lower 720p resolution, while the other two devices have a bigger 1080p resolution. The Nexus 4 has the LG Optimus G as its base model, so that might have something to do with the fact that its resolution isn’t as high as its competitors’.


The LG Nexus 4 falls behind once again, this time in the processor department. It has a Snapdragon S4 Pro, which is tremendously weaker than the Xperia Z1’s processing unit. The difference isn’t that much when put against the Optimus G Pro, but even so the G Pro is better. The Sony Xperia Z1 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz, while the processing unit inside the LG Optimus G Pro is a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600.


All three devices are equals in terms of RAM memory, each device sporting 2 GB of RAM of its own. The situation differs slightly when it comes to internal memory, though. It is true that all three come with 16 GB of internal storage space, bu the LG Nexus 4’s case differs by offering an extra variant with 8 GB of internal memory, and also lacks the support for a microSD card you can get from both its competitors.


The Sony Xperia  Z1 is once again leading the pack, with an impressive 20.7 megapixel camera, capable of high resolution functionality and operating through several technologies implemented by LG such as Exmor RS and G Lens. The frontal facing camera of the Sony Xperia Z1 is, of course, smaller, only 2 MP. The LG Optimus G Pro also has a 2 MP camera in the front, and a reasonably big 13 MP camera on the rear, which is smaller, however, than the 20.7 MP lens used by the Sony device. The LG Nexus 4 is used to last place by now, as it trails once again with only 8 MP attributed to its rear camera.

Operating System

All three devices operate advanced versions of Google’s Android operating system, although not quite the newest. In this field, the LG Nexus 4 finally gains the advantage, as Google always releases the newest updates to the Nexus devices, as it did in the past with previous Nexus models , including the Nexus 4’s predecessor, built by Samsung. Therefore, out of the three devices, the LG Nexus 4 will get its hands on newer updates first.


The Sony Xperia Z1 manages to come out as the thinnest device, with only 8.5 mm in thickness, while the LG Nexus places second with 9.1 mm. The last position, occupied by the thickest device, goes to the LG Optimus G Pro and its 9.4 mm in thickness. The Xperia Z1’s complete measurements are144.4 x 73.9 x 8.5 mm, while the LG Optimus G Pro and LG Nexus 4 measure at 150.2 x 76.1 x 9.4 mm and 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm respectively. The Nexus 4 is the lightest device, with only 139 grams, followed by the Xperia Z1’s 170 grams and the LG Optimus G Pro with 172 grams.


The LG Nexus 4 only supports HSPA+, while the other two offer LTE support. Other than that, all three devices come with the same standard  connectivity options you would find in pretty much any smartphone these days, like Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, GPS, etc.


The LG Optimus G Pro finally takes the lead after trailing and placing second for the entire comparison, with a 3140 mAh battery. The unit is bigger than the 3000 mAh battery offered by the Xperia Z1, and of course, much bigger than the 2100 mAh battery included with the LG Nexus 4.

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