New Shots from Batman Arkham Knight Spill a Lot of Beans

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Batman is perhaps the darkest of all heroes ever created.

The dark knight, the vigilante who was born of grief and scouts the streets of Gotham to clear it of criminal scum, has been the object of fascination with both movie makers and gaming studios alike. The Arkham Knight, the latest in a series of Batman games, is a truly dark game. The Arkham Knight himself seems to be one baddie who isn’t afraid of the big bad bat. In fact, he comes up as a challenge to Batman, who must put everything on the line to catch this one bad guy whose only aim in life is to have a showdown with him.

Who is Arkham Knight?

Unlike some of the other Batman nemeses, who fall like a pack of cards, the Arkham Knight is a vigilante himself. The only difference between him and Batman is that while Batman tries to walk the line between law and pandemonium, the Arkham Knight does not care about getting his hands dirty. He is also a physical match for Batman, who he has sworn as an enemy. He uses the events of Arkham City to haunt the hooded vigilante, and take advantage of any mental trauma that may have lingered on since then. He is the true opposite of Batman, and a worthy nemesis at that. The recently released pictures and shots from the game take us up close with the Arkham Knight who looks as formidable and dashing as the vigilante himself. An up close picture of him suited in his armor and uniform shows his wardrobe in detail and it tells us what each part of his wardrobe does and stands for.

The ScareCrow

ScareCrow seems to be a favorite at Rocksteady. If they could have their way, ScareCrow would feature in every game that the dark knight shows his face in. However, in the last game, they give him a complete break and this time around, they decide to give him a background role. While the ScareCrow would not be seen taking to the streets and intimidating Batman this time around, he would be calling the shots and acting as the puppet master for all the events that unfold in the game. Since ScareCrow is a master of creating misdirection and fear, he is an excellent addition to the game and will definitely have a huge role to play in keeping people to the edge of their seats.

Shots of Gotham

This episode of the Batman series sees Gotham city as a whole new world. The city is far bigger and more detailed than ever before. The city, which seemed wonderful in Arkham Origins and Arkham City, now looks bigger and even better. With the new technology comes the ability to apply more detailed graphics to the game. This time around, Gotham will be teeming with activity and life. Though it has been already evacuated, it is still occupied by various gangs and the militia army controlled by the Arkham Knight. Many other most wanted criminals of the city have sought this opportunity to crawl out of hiding and coordinate their attacks to bring the fabled vigilante to his knees.

The Bad Guys

The game is set to see all of Batman’s arch rivals – Two Face, Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and the ScareCrow teaming up against him to finally beat him. As an answer to them, Batman comes at the peak of his abilities and skills, and players can alternate between him and the Bat Mobile – which is more powerful and smarter than ever before.

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