MotoGP 14 Review: A Refined and Perfect Racing Experience

MotoGP 14 Review: A Refined and Perfect Racing Experience

After playing MotoGP 14 for a couple of hours, it is clearly evident that the game is undergoing a huge transition now. Earlier, it used to be one of the titles that owned all the titles, yet, didn’t have the graphical power to offer a realistic experience. But now, they have all the hardware they need, with next gen consoles; but Milestone has to reconnect all their licenses to deliver what they have always dreamed of.

The semi-simulation moto racers had always been an immersive game except for the outdated graphics that reduced its quality over the years.

The new game, however looks absolutely gorgeous and it is addictive to play the game on Playstation 4. When you start the game, just don’t expect it to look like a Gran Turismo or Forza because the developers don’t have a sky high budget, as other people do. Despite being on a tight budget, they have done an amazing job within every aspect of the game.

The rider animations are excellent, bike shadows are natural and the tracks are far less static than they used to be.

A Contemporary MotoGP Experience

MotoGP 14 offers a contemporary experience with strict AI and simulation settings. When you tweak all to the maximum settings, it becomes mandatory to pick up every pass that you get, cut the corners and make sure you keep your opponents behind you, to win every race. The new game is faithful to its predecessors and offers a similar experience in a much more sophisticated canvas.

You can always choose to reduce the difficulty level which will allow you to make more mistakes and not get penalized for every wrong turn. Compared to real life Moto GP races, the video game version might look ridiculous; but that is the whole point of the game.

If they try to make it as realistic as you see on television, then there will hardly be any game play element left to explore.

Milestone has done a good balancing act between realism and gameplay tactics, which will keep the rider feeling the adrenaline at all points, but they wouldn’t feel as if they are watching the sport. You get to immerse yourself into it. And, a welcome relief is the bots which doesn’t drive perfectly on the track like a glued robot, but rather make mistakes now and then like real humans, which allows players to gain a tactical advantage at unexpected moments.

Game Modes

All major game modes including Championship, Grand Prix, Instant Race and Time Attack are available in MotoGP 14. The game offers 18 different tracks and five rosters which is a good number to go with. The game offers two new modes inspired by real life events.

They are the Real Events 2013 and Challenge the Champions. The Real Events allow you to play the actual events that took place last year and feel the thrill because you have to win every race as it actually happened in 2013.

It is a game made for the fans by the fans.

Ratings – 4 out of 5 stars


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