Mobile Game 2048 – Attaining the Magical Number

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Mobile Game 2048 belongs to the matching numbers genre, where the player has to combine tiles having the same number in order to create a higher numbered tile.

When the player is left with no moves on the board and the board gets filled up, the game gets over and he has to begin all over again. In order to reach the magical number 2048, the player has to make strategic moves. Here are some tips showing you how to do this.

Understanding Board Movement

There are only four basic movements in the game, namely, up, down, left and right. Whenever you swipe in a direction, all tiles start moving in that direction as far as they can on the board. Two or more cards can also combine together with a single swipe if possible. The player has to understand the way the tiles move with a swipe in order to know where a tile might end up on the board.

Avoid Chasing Larger Tiles

Players are tempted to chase the larger numbered tiles on the board in a bid to combine them and make a larger number quickly. However, this will only result in going into a worse situation than before. It is a better idea to focus on the smaller numbered tiles and not worry about specific large numbers. By doing this, it is highly likely that the larger numbered tiles will meet up at some point of time and create a bigger number.

Working Towards Corners

It is also a good idea to stay in the corners rather than the middle of the board. In this way, it is possible to bring in more number of new tiles onto the board. The best strategy is to try to keep the tiles grouped in a corner. The new tiles can then be brought to the center and can be swiped into the corners for combining them with bigger numbers. For instance, you can start with the upper left hand corners, but if you find that you have an opportunity for making bigger combinations, in the bottom right or the bottom left, you can move the entire board towards these corners. When you work in the corners, it is also easier to shift your strategy according to the current situation.

Slow Down and Plan

Look at all the numbers and tiles on the board and plan your moves instead of just rushing into them. Try to create multiple matches with a single move, rather than just one match. Even if you have made a mistake and made the wrong move, it doesn’t matter. The game offers you plenty of chances for recovering from a bad mistake, so long as there are empty spaces on the board. When you are not sure about your next move, check out all the tiles on the board and see whether you need to shift their position. Take advantage of situations where you can merge several stacks together with one single move, as this will provide you with more space on the board. When you have more space, it offers more flexibility and you can bring in new cards as well. When you combine just two cards, you are only replacing the card you merged with another new one. However, when multiple tiles are combined, you are getting rid of more tiles and bringing in only one new one, which is a good thing for increasing space on the board.

Check out Threes

2048 was inspired by the original Threes. Though both the games are not played in exactly the same way, they are quite similar in the strategy employed in the game. So you can check out the Threes game to get more inspiration. Most of the tips that apply for Threes will also apply for 2048.

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