Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Might Be Close

Minecraft for PlayStation 4 might be released very soon, because 4J Studios already sent the new version to Sony for the “final test” a few days ago. However, according to what 4J Studios wrote on their twitter account, they are still working on fixing bugs for the Minecraft Xbox One and PlayStation Vita versions. The developers also said that they will let us know when they will hand the versions to the certification testing teams.

Even if 4J Studios did not confirm an exact release date, they said that Minecraft for the next-generation consoles will be ready somewhere in August. However, it seems that they faced several problems with some bugs on the Xbox One and PS Vita versions and the release date might be delayed until September.

Back in May, Mojang released the pricing information for Minecraft on the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PS4.

Microsoft announced that they will sell Minecraft on Xbox Live Marketplace for 19.99 dollars. At the same time, they said that the players who already own Minecraft on their Xbox 360 console will be able to buy the new version of the game for only 4.99 dollars.

Sony will sell Minecraft for PS4 on their PlayStation Network for 19.99 dollars and the players that already have Minecraft on their PS3 will be able to buy the new version for only 4.99 dollars.

Even if the game was released back in 2011, Minecraft still continues to be a very popular game. The developers are continuously working on bringing new maps, skins and campaigns to keep the players interested in the game. Until now, there were sold over 54 million copies of Minecraft across all the available platforms.


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