Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date According to Sony Certification

4J Studios announced a few days ago that they’ve sent Minecraft: PS4 version back to Sony for certification. They’ve announced this on their twitter account and ending the phrase with “Fingers crossed”. If you ask us, it seems that they are still not 100% sure if they’re done a great job.

However, let’s go back to what happened last week. 4J Studios has received some bad news from Sony, after they’ve found several problems on Minecraft: PS4 and it didn’t pass the certification. Sony informed 4J Studios about the issues they’ve found and need to be fixed in order to pass the certification. Even if 4J Studios already sent the updated version to Sony, they still have to redo all the checks again, for the certification. This might take up to two weeks and Minecraft: PS4 will probably not be released before the end of August, as 4J Studios planed a few months ago.

While the Minecraft: PS4 version is in the certification test, the Xbox One and PlayStation Vita are not even ready to be sent for certification, as 4J Studios are still working on fixing some bugs on these two versions. However, a new tweet seems to point that they are almost ready to send Xbox One version for certification. In that tweet, they’ve said that they are “down to the last few bugs” and that they are hoping to send the Minecraft: Xbox One version to Minecraft for certification by the end of the week.

Without any doubt, all the three versions will be released somewhere in September 2014, and the Minecraft fans should be happy that these versions of the game were not delayed for more than 1 month, as it happened with other games.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will get a minor update that will allow the players to save their worlds in order to import them to Minecraft: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.


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