Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: Modes to Electrify Your Gaming

Minecraft is the most lovable and popular game brand recognized globally.

The sandbox indie game has been developed by Swedish programmer Markus and Mojang. It was launched as PC game in the year 2009 as an alpha version and came with a full version in the year November 18, 2011.On December 17th 2013, the game got its playstation, Xbox Live arcade game and Xbox 360 avatars and 2011 was the year when the iOS and android versions of the game were released in the market. Ever since, the game has been included with interesting and thrilling updates. The console editions brought a breakthrough in the world of gaming.

The higher interactive environment of Minecraft enables players to experience textured cubes in 3d world to build buildings. Other adventures in the game include combat, crafting, gathering resources and exploration. The Gameplay in its commercial release entertains as four principal modes –

  • Survival mode– It helps the player to look for resources and manage their hunger and health.
  • Creative mode– When the players are over loaded with experience and resource qualities like ability to fly, hunger-less activities and unlimited health are the virtues owned by the player.
  • Hardcore mode– It’s the most difficult mode as the name indicates its level of difficulty. This mode is set with the most difficult settings and re-spawning is disabled that compels the contenders to deteriorate their world.
  • Spectator mode-This is the mode when the players do not encounter with any blocks and can sense and see, but cannot interact with almost everything. Till now, this mode is not available online or live and also not yet released; only the snap shots of the game version is available.

As far as recognitions are concerned, Minecraft has been crowned with enormous awards like Best Debut Game Award, Golden Joystick Award, Best Downloadable Game Award, and Innovation Award, Audience Award, Game Developers Choice Award, and Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Till now, after the commencement of 2014, about 12 million copies of Xbox 360 versions have already been sold.

The PC was the most initial platform for Minecraft, though the game is platform friendly with Linux, OS X and Windows. Apart from the core versions of Minecraft available for PC, there are some other versions, which have gained popularity like Minecraft 4k and Minecraft Classic.

Minecraft is a free version. Most of the levels in this version are similar to the creative mode where players can destroy and create their own world. There are no computer-made creatures in the game. Moreover, players are also not killed by any natural disasters like volcanic eruption. Minecraft 4k is the name of a similar version.

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