Minecraft Xbox 360 DLCs Release Dates With Powerful Updates

In concordance with a report from Aus Gamers, posted a few days ago, a few new DLC packs are coming to the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition of. The upcoming DLC pack will be based on the “Doctor Who” TV series and the first skin pack that it will come to the game will have some of the series protagonists. The pack will be released somewhere in September for the price of 2.99 dollars.

This “Doctor Who” licensed DLC deal was made between BBC Worldwide, Mojang and Microsoft. With other words, there are very low changes for Minecraft: PlayStation 3, or the upcoming Minecraft: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, to get this DLC, since Sony didn’t make any deal about this, yet.

Even if the announcement didn’t include the upcoming Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, the “Doctor Who” DLC will most likely be added to the upcoming Minecraft Edition, at a later date. Mojang said in the past that the majority DLCs from the Minecraft: Xbox 360 will be transferred to Minecraft: Xbox One, as long as the license allows them to do that. Since this is a new DLC, we are pretty sure that Mojang and Microsoft made sure that the “Doctor Who” DLC will be included on the upcoming Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

As for the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition release date, we don’t know anything yet, but 4J Studios already sent the Edition to Microsoft for certification. If it will pass the certification, the game will be probably released somewhere in the middle of September and it will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

That’s if it doesn’t get a negative answer from Microsoft, as the Minecraft: PlayStation Edition got from Sony. If Microsoft will find any bugs or errors to the game, they will send it back to 4J Studios and they will need to fix the found problems. After that, 4J Studios will have to re-send the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition back to Microsoft for certification and they will have to test the edition again.


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