Minecraft PS4 Release Gets Delayed as Sony Found Issues That Need to Get Fixed

Many PlayStation 4 owners were happy when they saw that 4J Studios has sent Minecraft for PS4 for certification. However, all of them were pretty sad when they heard that the PS4 versions failed Sony’s certification, because of some issues they found.

4J Studios gave the bad news via their twitter account and said that Sony has found some problems which they need to fix. They’ve sent the game to Sony for the final test on August 12 and it seems that after the developers will fix the found problems, they will need to re-send it for certification, which will take around 1-2 weeks. This means that the game will get in stores somewhere in September, if no other problems will occur.

Aside the bad news from the Minecraft: PS4 version, we don’t have any news related to the Xbox One and PlayStation Vita version, since 4J Studios said a few days ago that they are still fixing some bugs that were found on both versions of the game.

Aside from this bad news, it seems that kids will have a reason to be happy since LEGO going to release two Minecraft somewhere in the next months.

In concordance with IGN, “The Cave” is the name of one of the sets and has already saw on Hamley’s website, the U.K. retailer, and includes a lot of Minecraft items such as a pickaxe, a spider, a zombie, Steve and a chest to store all the items. “The Farm” is the name of the other set and includes farm animals, a skeleton, a crafting table, wheat, sugar cane and Steve.

Some other Minecraft sets are expected to be launched at a later date and will come with different aspects of Minecraft such as The Ender Dragon, The First Night or The Mine.


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