Minecraft PS4 Release Date Gets Delayed by 4J Studios

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The Minecraft PlayStation 4 version’s release was delayed in the last minute. 4J Studios, the developers that work on Minecraft console versions, wrote on their twitter account that Sony has found some problems that they will need to fix and they are currently trying to find solutions. However, they will have to go again through the certification process which will take some time too.

With other words, it seems that Minecraft for PS4 has very low changes to be released in this month, because the certification process lasts one or two weeks. 4J Studios sent the game for certification 8 days before Sony got back to them with the negative answer. So, if 4J will remove all the bugs and will send Minecraft in the same day that they got the answer from Sony, there will still not be enough time to get it released by the end of August. Minecraft for PS4 will most likely be released somewhere in September.

At the same time, 4J Studios have to submit Minecraft for Xbox One and PS Vita versions for certification. Earlier this month, they confirmed that they are still working on fixing some bugs on both of these versions. So, we will probably see all the three versions released in September.

Minecraft on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will feature great draw distances and 36 larger worlds than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have. You will be able to save and import your worlds from Minecraft: Xbox 360 and PS3 to the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 along with some DLC packs, but keep in mind that not all the DLCs will be available on the next-generation consoles.

The Minecraft Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will get a discount if they want to buy the Minecraft on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and instead of paying the full price of 19.99 dollars they will pay only 4.99 dollars. But keep in mind that this discount will last only for one year after the game gets released for the next-generation consoles.

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