Minecraft PS3 – Surviving Through the First Night

Minecraft is one popular video game.

As a newbie, the best thing you could do to enjoy this game is have a guide on playing Minecraft PS3. When you have the Minecraft PS3 guide, you will be able to play your way easily through the game, thus proceeding through the levels faster.

The First Night in Minecraft PS3

When you are in the mine, make sure that you collect lots of stone and dirt. While there are times when a player is tempted to shed many stones and dirt to make room for other things, at least try to reserve full 64 block slots of dirt or stone and store them in the quick bar.

When your enemies confront you at nightfall, build some blocks in front of you with the stones and dirt. Each time you stack the blocks together, jump on them until you have 30 blocks of 1×1 stacked. This will help you keep out of reach so your enemies will not be able to reach you. When you have reached the top, you can spend the rest of the night there by making a platform (4 x 4). This will still earn you points. Once it is daylight, you can get down by using the pickaxe as you destroy the pillar.

What You Should First Do In This Game

If you are new to Minecraft PS3, the first thing you should do is explore your surroundings because time in this game is never on your side. Minecraft PS3 only has a few hours of daylight, and in this time you need to gather craft tools and resources so that you can build your shelter before it gets dark.

Should you delay building a shelter at daytime, thinking you can do it at night time, you will have a horrible time. The reason is that there will be skeletons throwing arrow fire at you. You will, therefore, have to build as you shield yourself from the attacks. This is much harder than it sounds.

To be sure that you have shelter at nightfall, make the most out of the first five minutes of Minecraft PS3. Gather all the resources you possibly can in that short time. Ideally, gather wool from the sheep, meat from the cow or pig and wood. Craft a table with the wood and if there is any wood remaining, create a pickaxe. This axe will help you mine downwards. However, remember that you should never dig straight downwards and instead, dig block steps.

Digging block steps will give you stones that you can use to build your hut. This will be your shelter. The first shelter does not necessarily have to be something amazing. You just need a room where you can hide from your enemies at night.

Use the coal to make torches and the wood to keep all your enemies away. Make your bed using wool and the wood you had previously gathered. This makes it comfortable for you to sleep at night, and this will earn you one spawn point. This spawn point will come in handy when you die.

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