Minecraft PC Gets 1.8 the Bountiful Update

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It’s time to rejoice one more time for Minecraft PC fans, because an official patch note on the website claims that a whole lot of new stuff are coming in with the 1.8 update.

Titled as the Bountiful Update, it is going to be an important one in the game which brings in all new doors and fences. Players will also be able to choose them from multiple wooden variants that are expected to add further depth to the game. There are some other features to look forward to, as well, including the new blocks, client side optimization, new enemies to defend yourself from and some under the hood changes for improvised game play experience.

Mojang’s Jens Bergensten said, “These changes have new features to keep players entertained, as well as large game structure changes to improvise the end user experience”. While some are features, not all of them are going to be things that you actually see. The hard coded block renderer is being replaced with a new one which directly retrieves block shapes from source data files. “There’s also multi threading client side chunk rendering which is a significant performance enhancement” he added.

All-New Features

Minecraft PC will now have multiple new stone items to pick from, including diorite, andesite and granite, which will have both rough as well as smooth versions. There will be an iron trapdoor which will allow players to set new type of traps to capture animals, zombies as well as other unsuspecting players. The long list of updates should be tough to go through, because, there are so many new features including the red sandstone, banners, endermite mob, chiselled stone bricks etc. which can now be crafted and customized into worlds with world barrier.

Players can choose to replenish themselves by eating mutton now and it can be cooked, if you manage to light a fire using the right elements. An all new spectator game mode, which is the third game mode, has been added to the list, as part of the 1.0 The Bountiful Update. A slew of new commands added to the game are the clone, execute, fill, particle, stats, trigger, world border and stats. Each one of them will provide you with the information that you need.

New Gen Consoles

While Minecraft PC version always receives all these updates earlier, it is expected that the new console Xbox One and Playstation 4 will get it quicker than it used to be. The new platform architecture is said to be more in sync with computers and this would enable the developer 4J Studios to port them without much difficulty. The games for the next gen platforms, as well as, PS Vita are yet to make its way to the retail. The release date is expected to be really soon as Minecraft PS4 has already been submitted for certificate testing to Sony. The Xbox One and PS Vita versions are with 4J at the moment, as the developers are busy fixing some bugs in these editions. Meanwhile, PC players can download this new update and kick off their new adventure.


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