Mass Effect 4 – Major Changes To Be Expected

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Mass Effect 4 is a third person shooter game, based on the science fiction storyline.

Being developed by the Canadian company BioWare Montreal, the game’s release date has not yet been confirmed by the company, but it would be released across all major gaming platforms. The anticipation among gamers for this game can be seen from the fact that the YouTube trailer of the game has secured a record number of hits and is a trending video among the top game picks on the internet. Some of the changes that are being expected from the preview are described below.

Change of Story Line

The new game, which is the fourth in the series, will undergo a complete change in its story line, the developers have informed. Commander Shepard, the name that people associated with the Mass Effect series, is gone and his part in the story is completed. The new game would feature an entirely different story with a new set of characters and protagonists. The developers have informed that they do not want to restrict the universe of Mass Effect 4 by using and continuing the same story with the same famous characters. Instead, they would like to exploit all fields and innovate better and for that the story of the Mass Effect trilogy will have to go. There would not be a character named Shepard 2 or something like that, which is a big disappointment for the fans as the character was a name associated with this hugely successful series. However, the developers have assured that the fans would not be disappointed as they have to play just like a player in the wide universe and not have a fixed personality. So with this announcement, a lot remains to be seen that whether the new changes will go down well with the gamers or if they would be a spoiler.

Milestone Accomplishments

The team behind the game has been very active on social sites and there is reason enough to believe that it has successfully incorporated some major technological changes in the game, though nobody is disclosing at the moment what exactly these “changes” are. The rumors are that the platform has been revamped, weapons made better and more capable, maps enlarged and some additional features have been added which would make the game entirely different from its predecessors. This, plus the entirely new story line would make the Mass Effect 4 mark the beginning of another perceived trilogy like the Mass effect 1, 2 and 3.

Role Play Gaming

There are speculations that the game could allow role play gaming, allowing you to take turns in replacing Garrus, Grunt, Aria or the Illusive Man. This would surely put in more action in the game and would make it all the more interesting. Compatibility with all the modern gaming consoles would ensure that the action sequences are best enjoyed. Taking control of various people would give players a chance to play with different tactics and strengths of that particular character.

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