Line – Rolling Out Extra Functionalities

Messaging and Calling Features

Line is a popular, multi platform communication application enabling exchange of instant messages with friends and contacts.

Users can send text messages, photographs, music, videos, along with contacts and information related to location through the app. In addition to sending messages, Line also enables making free audio and video calls to other devices that also have the app downloaded. At present the voice and the video calling features of Line are available for iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones and for the Mac. You cannot use a single Line account on many mobile devices, likes tablets and phones. However, you can have a single account for a mobile phone and several desktops.

Social Networking Features

Line also comes with features that help with social networking through smartphones. It offers an interesting feature named the Line Stickers. These consist of several stickers and emoticons that can make the chat experience much more fun and interesting, enabling users to send each other a wide range of emotions. Most of these stickers are available for free, but there are some that need to be paid for.

Timeline Feature

The Timeline feature enables sharing of text and photographs along with videos and stickers with one another. Users can also exchange stories with contacts. Line also enables the addition of official accounts from television shows and brands, popular celebrities and so on. You can add these to your contacts and get all the latest information about them along with coupons.

Snap Movie

This is another new and interesting feature of Line. Using this, you can create videos of up to ten seconds along with cool music in the background, which you can then share with contacts and friends through the app.

How to Install

It is easy to install Line on your Android device from Google Play Stores. Another way of installing Line on Android devices is by using an APK file. The APK file can be downloaded using the APK downloader. It must be downloaded through a desktop or a laptop and this must be transferred to your Android device using a USB or Bluetooth. Once the Line APK file is downloaded on your Android phone, you can tap on the file and then follow its instructions for installing Line. In order to configure the application on your mobile device, tap on the New Users button, where you will find a window display for SMS verification. You can select the country and fill in your phone number and then go to Next. The verification code is sent by the application to your phone number through SMS. You must then enter this verification code when you receive the SMS and then click on Next again. If you are a new user of the phone number on the application, you have to tap on ‘Using’ this number for the first time. Otherwise, if you have already used the number on any other mobile phone, for Line application, you can opt for the other button. Users must then accept all the terms and conditions and agree with the Privacy Policy of the application to conclude the configuration process.

Configuring Settings

Once this is done, you can configure the settings in order to add friends to your contact list. There is an automatic option known as Auto Add Friends. If you enable this option, the application will automatically search for contacts in your phone address book and through email addressed in the Android phone. All contacts that have Line will be added as your friends. If you select Allow Others to Add, your name will be added in a similar way on other users’ devices, if your name is present in their phone contact list or their email addresses list.

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