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Line is a messaging and VoIP application with more than 45 million users from all over the world.

The application now comes with additional functionality and features. Apart from sending the regular messages, LINE also offers support for making audio and video calls. At present, the features related to voice and video calling are available only for iPhones, Android devices, for Windows and for the Mac.

Sending Messages

You can use the message functionality of the app to send messages along with the use of colorful icons and photographs and even add information related to your location. Users can express their emotions using stickers and emoji. Voice messages and photographs can be sent over the application, through your smartphone devices and through desktop applications. The same Line account can be used for your mobile device and for several desktops. However, one account cannot be used for several mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

Downloading and Installing Line

You can use the APK downloader for installing Line on Android devices. The APK file can first be downloaded on your desktop or on your laptop and then this is transferred to the Android device using a USB or Bluetooth device. Another alternative for installing Line is from Google Play for Android devices. Once you have done this, you need to follow the instructions for installing it. After the installation on your device, tap on New User button where you will find the window, displaying SMS Verification. You will have to select the country and then enter your phone number. Tap on the Next button and you will receive a verification code to the phone number that you have specified through SMS. Enter this verification code and then tap on the Next button.

If you are using the number for the first time on the application, you will have to confirm this. However, if you have already used this number for the application on another mobile device, you can tap on the related button. You must then agree with the terms and conditions specified by the application and tap on Agree with Terms. The next step is to configure your settings and add friends, using the Auto Add Friends. If this box is enabled, the application automatically looks for contacts on the phone, as well as email addresses in the smartphone. If any of the contacts are using Line, it is automatically added to the list. You can also opt for the Allow Others to Add. If this checkbox is enabled, your number will get added to other Line users’ lists, if they have your number in their phone contact list.

Sticker Shop

The sticker shop offers a host of hilarious stickers of all the famous characters from all over the world. This is a very unique and interesting feature, as it makes your chatting experience more fun, where you are able to express a wide range of emotions. Many of the stickers can be downloaded for free, but you can purchase others as well.

Timeline Feature

The Timeline feature is a fun feature that you can use for updating your friends regarding what you have been up to, lately. Users can post updates using photographs or text and add movies, stickers and information about one’s location.

Users can also add Official Accounts in order to receive original messages from any selected celebrity from any country of their choice. Official accounts of television shows and brands along with popular artists can also be added as friends, so that you can get all the latest news about them and also coupons.

Snap Movie

Users can also take small films and then send them to their contacts or friends using the Snap Movie feature of the application. Users can create videos for up to ten seconds, along with the background music and then share with their contacts or friends.

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