Life Is Strange – A New Game from Square Enix and DONTNOD

Square Enix, the publishers of Tom Raider and Sleeping Dogs, among other hit titles, proudly revealed a new IP developed by DONTNOD, the people who made the hit Remember Me.

Titled, Life Is Strange, it is going to be a completely new take on the video game design, because instead of opting for CGI graphics for the title, the developers have decided to build every part of it by using hand drawn art work.

In their official blog post, the developers said, “The story of the game impressed everyone and it did impress Square Enix as well, because Life Is Strange is a completely different game. Each and every texture in the game is a hand drawn work and every action that the player decides to initiate will have the consequences of the butterfly effect. While everything sounds so chaotic, players will be in complete control of time, because they will be able to rewind it. You can choose to change the fate of others or for yourself, but will it be for better or worse?” So many questions have been posted by the developers and it looks quite interesting from what they have revealed so far.

The Story

Life Is Strange is quite a strange title to use; but the developers believe that it ideally justifies what they are trying to achieve with the game and also personifies the lead character in their game. Similar to Remember Me, this is going to be another game from DONTNOD which features a female protagonist named Max Caulfield. When Max, a high school senior who returns to her hometown, finds her classmate Rachel Amber disappeared under mysterious circumstances and she decides to find the truth behind this mystery.

Max teams up with a friend named Chloe and in her attempt to find Rachel, she ends up finding the truth that she has the power to rewind time. Everything else starts falling into place and she discovers a whole new world that she was not aware of earlier. The storyline offers some interesting elements and the ability to rewind time was brilliantly used in the Prince of Persia Sands of Time, which led to two other games. If Life Is Strange uses some good game play mechanics to make this element interesting, it could serve as the unique sales point for the title.

Release Date

It is expected that Life Is Strange will be a title scheduled for an early 2015 release, but Square Enix hasn’t made any official release date announcements so far. The game is coming to Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. The developers call it as a title which has a defining twist that will help it stand apart from the crowd and be appealing than conventional story driven games. Remember Me was a noteworthy title from the studio and if they could go beyond what they have done with the last game, it might allow the developers to gain better recognition in the industry and come up with more AAA titles.

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