LG G2 vs LG G Flex – Comparison of Specs and Features

If you are considering buying one of these smartphones, we can show you detailed specs, features and price comparison.

We hope that this comprehensive comparison will help you make an informed decision and help you buy one of the devices.

Display and Design

LG Flex has a certain revolutionary feeling. It is one of the first smartphones to feature a flexible screen. Whether a flexible screen is necessary, or just a neat feature, it is up to consumers to decide. When it comes to screen size, LG flex has a vastly bigger screen at 6-inches with resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a density of 245. G2 loses the size battle, but it wins the resolution and sharpness battle. With a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and a density of 423, G2 offers much better resolution and quality. For some people, it might come down to size, and LG G2 offers just 5.2 inches screen size.

The difference in dimensions is evident. Flex’s dimensions are 160 x 82 x 8.7 weighting 177 grams, while G2’s dimensions are 139 x 71 x 8.9 weighing 143 grams. Some users find Flex impractical and hard to operate due to its large size.

Flex comes in Titan Silver color, while G2 comes in Black or White.

Hardware and Operating System

The experience of using these devices is practically the same. They are similar, and aside from the size difference, you can say there are no other significant differences. Both phones run on the same Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor at 2.2GHz (2.26 for G2), with 2GB RAM memory. The internal storage memory is capped at 32 GB, without the option for external memory. G2 comes with an option for 16 GB.

Similarities continue with the Operating System. Both phones run at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and share the custom LG interface.


Camera is one area where G2 wins. While both phones have the same 13-MP rear and 2.1-MP front cameras, G2 comes with added optical image stabilization. This feature helps in low light conditions, allowing longer exposure. The result is more color saturated photos. Camera options are same for both handsets.


Flex has a slightly better battery, as it comes with a capacity of 3500 mAh compared to 3000 mAh battery capacity on LG G2. However, due to the larger screen, which consumes more energy, the difference might not be that drastic.


The price between these phones is around $100. Pricing for LG G2 starts at $380, while for Flex, the lowest price on the market is $479.

Final Verdict

For most people, G2 is the better and more suitable option. The device has several advantages, including screen resolution, better camera and price. G2 has specs that match some of the big competitors on the market, for lower price. However, sometimes consumers simply want bigger phones, and they will choose Flex and its 6-inches screen size. Keep in mind that Flex is in no way a superior phone to G2. The main advantage is the cool new flexible design.

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