Kaspersky Antivirus vs AVG Free Antivirus – Download The Right Protection For You

In our days, most people have computers. And who has a computer, instantly has to have an antivirus software. If you do not get an antivirus to protect your computer from all the malware present on the Internet nowadays, then you might as well just throw your computer away because it will instantly catch some type of bug. There are so many ways you can get a bug now: you can just click on a website, or an add, or you can download something and BOOM – your computer is infested. Here’s where the antivirus comes in handy, helping you prevent any virus attack.

The antivirus business is quite a large industry now, so you get hundreds of good antiviruses to help you with your problems. Two of these are the AVG Free AntiVirus and the Kaspersky Antivirus.

The AVG antivirus has even in its title “Free” so you know that the biggest difference between the two is that for the AVG basic protection you don’t have to pay. The company does come with a $40.00 version of the software which is a more detailed and feature-packed version of the antivirus. The Kapersky antivirus also costs $40.00 a year, but if you want, you can get a free trial out of this antivirus before buying it.

Both antiviruses come with the same basic features you should get with any antivirus: protection against malware, viruses, spyware and adware. What the Kapersky, a.k.a. the paid version, offers more than that is rootkits, phishing software and keylogging. AVG comes with parental controls, which you won’t find on the Kaspersky Antivirus.

Leaving the basic features aside, both these programs allow for user-oriented use, meaning that the user can modify how the antivirus works based on previous experience and what exactly the user wants from the software. AVG Antivirus comes with the unique option of shredding files – which means you can permanently delete any files you have in Recycle Bin and you don’t have to download a separate program just for that sole use. The Kapersky Antivirus comes with “Safe Mode” or “Game Mode” which allow the user to adjust their antivirus’ activity depending on what he is using the computer for.

Sadly, the Kapersky Antivirus and the AVG Free Antivirus come only available for Windows users – so if you have a Linux, a Mac or you are using another operating system, these two won’t work for you.

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