iPhone 6 Release Date with A Price of $500 for Platinum and Gold Variants

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Pre-ordering the new iPhone 6 is beginning at $ 500. The pre-orders of the latest upcoming iPhone are received by Brikk, Los Angeles based. The buyers can select from a variety of colors from platinum, yellow to gold, pink and many others. Also a diamond crusted model is on, if you are willing to give more money for it. The ultra-amazing iPhone 6 is going to be released on 9th September, awaited to be impressing with the new features.

While Brikk offers the iPhone 6 starting to a price of $ 500, the crusty model is from $ 4.495 to $8.395. Later on, Emirates related that the company announced that the lux iPhone 6 by Brikk is coming with an attestation of authenticity for the diamond embedded and a warranty for one year.

According to Brikk he will release the new device for four weeks. However, the company informed that each device is dismantled in the Brikk’s laboratory by the best engineers in LA.

The new iPhone 6 expectations went viral; every person has been talking about it. Some details revealed are about its new design, A8 CPU and the date of the launching. The Forbes magazine related that Apple had its concentration on the hardware develop. Apple had some patent issues with another large company, Samsung. This will enable both companies to focus on selling to markets and evolve than draining their resources for fighting.

Feld & Volk, a luxury retail dealer, report that the new iPhone might be a bigger end that it was credited. MacRumors leaks some photos that are showing the flagship’s end. The cutouts for the volume button have been modified supporting an inferior profile by the edges. This is better for the buyers because so they can steer clear of accidental alteration in the volume. Those photos also are showing that the logo will be similar to the original iPhone from 2007.

Thus, there is a big difference between the logos; the upcoming version it will have an extraordinary scratch resistant metal. This mixed metal might be what Apple has patented. Till the launching date of iPhone 6, the statistics are telling that the high tech company is in a great spot and will be in better spot until the year of 2015. In comparison with Samsung which sales crises with the treat of Xiaomi, Chinese player, the Apple is managed very well.

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