iPhone 6 Release Date For October 2014 – iWatch Delayed to 2015

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Apple might delay iWatch’s debut until 2015 but iPhone 6’s release date is still set for September-October 2014.

Apple’s iWatch will be released somewhere in the early month of 2015, but the iPhone 6 release date is still going to happen in 2014.

Ming-chi Kuo from KGI Securities is certain that Apple will not release its first wearable device until the first months of 2015. Kuo is known to deliver accurate advanced readings when it comes to Apple’s products, but according to MacRumors, he previously predicted that the iWatch will be released in November of 2014.

The main reason why iWatch can’t be released so soon is because it’s complicated and difficult to be manufactured. According to Apple Insider, building an iWatch involves a lot of manufacturing, system design, components, integration between software and hardware etc.

At the same time, the iWatch’s launch could occur this year, since Apple is planning to release the iPhone 6 in September and wearable device might be released along with the new iPhone. If this won’t happen, it’s a possibility that iWatch will be released along with the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2, which are rumored to see the sunlight somewhere in October 2014.

However, if iWatch’s release will be delayed until 2015, Apple will be able to focus more on the iPhone 6 and release it this September or October.

Kuo previously claimed that even if the iPhone 6 will come in two models, the devices will not be released simultaneously. The 4.7inch variant is rumored to be unveiled somewhere on September 9, but it will hit the stores at the beginning of October. As for the 5.5inch variant, it is believed to be unveiled somewhere in December.

Kuo along other analysts believes that this phablet variant will be a big threat to most of the well known big-sized Android devices.

However, September 9 is getting closer so we will soon know if the iPhone 6 will be truly unveiled at this date, or we will have to wait more for one of the most waited phones of the year.

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