iPhone 6 Release Date for 5.5 and 4.7 inch Versions

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No official confirmation from Apple has arrived yet regarding the possibility of tech giant dropping two versions of the iPhone 6 on its release date scheduled this year, but strong reports from Asia seem to point towards the increased possibility of Apple releasing a large display iPhone.

Catcher Technologies, which is based in Taiwan is specialized in producing high-end chassis units for premium phones and laptops. It has been reported earlier that the aforementioned Asian chassis supplier shook hands with Apple on major deal, so Catcher Technologies will handle the manufacturing of 30% of the ordered chassis units for the two iPhone 6 versions. The two models are set to hit the shelves all around the world this year.

The same information regarding the Asian chassis manufacturer is backed up by a DigiTimes report which states that Apple has entrusted 30% of its chassis unit orders to Catcher Technologies.

It is known that one of Apple’s major business partners is Foxconn, and it is reported that the owner of Foxconn, Hon Hai Precision, has managed to secure the rest of the iPhone 6 chassis order. This should come as no surprise, given the strong business relation between Apple and Foxconn.

Apple’s chassis partner for the iPhone 6, Catcher Technologies, has reported more than $154 M in earning as of the end of July. With its Apple contract on the horizon, Catcher can expect such numbers not only for the remaining months of 2014, but for early 2015 as well.

Catcher, which is set to have a very financially satisfying end of 2014, thanks to its deal with tech giant Apple, indirectly confirmed through its predicted massive earnings that it will produce the iPhone 6 casing in two sizes, and that the device does come in fact in two versions.

Further towards proving the fact that the new iPhone 6 will come with a larger display, we have the freshly leaked photos of the presumed iPhone 6, acquired by 9to5Google from Chinese website AppleClub. If these photos are anything worth taking into consideration, the device’s screen clearly will be a step up in terms of size, when compared to the last iPhone’s screen.

A plausible scenario which is very likely to happen includes Apple releasing the smaller version of the device, the 4.7 inch screen iPhone 6 somewhere around the speculated date of September 9, or in any case, in a matter of weeks or even days after the device will be officially announced. The second part of Apple’s plan might be to hit the market with the iPhone 6 bearing the larger, 5.5 inch display. The second part would take part somewhere around late December 2014, early 2015. Another speculated theory says that Apple might be planning in releasing the 5.5 inch display iPhone 6 at the same time as its wearable gadget, the iWatch.

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