iPhone 6 Release Date – Crashing Its Android Rivals

By the end of 2014, Apple will consolidate its position as leader on the market of mobile phones and this will happen once the iPhone 6 will be released. The competition is trembled with emotion, worrying that their upcoming devices won’t have the same impact and the sales won’t meet the producers’ expectations.

According to DigiTimes’s report, the popularity of Samsung, Sony and HTC is decreasing because three Chinese vendors – Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo – are winning the hearts of the phone lovers, using an aggressive strategy to make it into top 5 biggest smartphones makers from all over the world.

It seems that Sony and LG are “going down”, while Samsung and HTC are still hanging on, but for how long, it’s hard to tell. What’s certain is that in the following months, these companies will sit on the sidelines and watch other companies grow.

Realistic predictions

According to Morgan Stanley’s scenario, Apple will out over 80 million iPhones by the end of December 2014, if Apple will cut the prices of the iPhone 5C and 5C, so they’ll be accessible for a wider category of buyers.

These predictions weren’t made without a basis, and Tero Kuittinen of BGR agrees that Samsung failed to impress with its Galaxy S5, and HTC hasn’t sold as many One M8 phones as they expected, so Apple has all the chances to see its dream come true.

The iPhone 5S captured 42.1% of the market share, recording a significant increase from 41.4%. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S5 and the One M8, a device released last year outpaced them, added Kuittinen.

Brace yourselves, the iPhone 6 is coming!

The nightmare is far from ending for these Android devices because soon Apple will release the iPhone 6 in two variants of screen sizes: a 4.7inches model and a 5.5inches phablet and the market seems to have eyes only for these devices.

We’ll see if these projections will be confirmed in a few months. The iPhone 6 is speculated to be launched either in late September or in October, after it will be unveiled on September 9.

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