iPhone 6 Release Date and its Top Wanted Features

It is rumored that the release date of the iPhone 6 will receive a delay and that it will be set for October 14, while according to other rumors, the Apple flagship is planned to be released on September 16.

In concordance with MacRumors, it seems that Apple will have a busy October month. However, the iPhone 6 may still be unveiled on September 16 and here are a few features that the Apple fans want to see on the upcoming device.

Larger screen

It is rumored that the new iPhone 6 will be released in two screen variants: a 5.5inch one and a 4.7inch one. It seems that Apple wants to bring its new phones to Android screen sizes, in order to be more competitive.


Even if Siri came first, Microsoft and Google quickly reacted and made Cortana and Google Now. Now, it seems that both of them are ahead of the iPhone’s Siri. In concordance with Business Insider, Apple will need to overhaul its Siri in order to make it more interesting once again.


We all know how the iOS users envy the Android users because of the widgets from their phones. These widgets make your device look very interactive and interesting and we think that Apple should finally bring some real widgets to their upcoming iPhone 6. Even if they brought widgets to their iPhone 5S, some users complained about the limitations.


The Apple fans hope that the iPhone 6 will come with an overhauled iMessage that will be more stable than ever before. Many expect that portability will also be added to the application in order to make easy transfers from a system to another.

A more powerful battery

A phone with a weak battery will never be loved by its users. It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will come with a more powerful battery that will last longer, but it will also feature a power-efficient A8 processor.

However, it seems that iPhone 6’s battery will not be a big change compared to iPhone 5S’s battery. But since it will also come with iOS 8, a system that will use the battery more efficiently, the iPhone 6 will be envied by many users who have phones running on Android.

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