iPhone 6 – New Leaked Panels Suggest a Significant Change

The tremendous pressure from the Android smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, forced Apple into launching the iPhone, with a 4 inch display, for the first time, in 2012.

However, subsequent developments in the smartphone industry have rendered this 4 inch display as small, with many high end phones offering close to 5.5 inch displays. As a result, it is widely speculated that the iPhone 6 will come with 4.7 inches of screen space. Of course, this is not a new rumor as it has been expected for some time.

Backlit Logo

The latest leaked panels of the phone suggest that the iPhone 6 may not come with a backlight Apple logo as previously thought. Like many other Apple products, the iPhone 6 was rumored to come with a backlit logo that would enhance the premium aspect of the phone even further. However, it looks like this version of the iPhone may not be getting it after all. The panel also suggests that Apple may be looking to use the metal exterior of the phone as the internal antenna.


Apart from this new speculation, the iPhone 6 continues to draw a lot of attention for the much-anticipated features like a 4.7 inch display. There have also been rumors that a 5.5 inch model could also be launched in order to compete with the Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. It remains to be seen if Apple will increase the resolution of the phone in order to match the increased screen size.


Previous versions of the iPhone offer 640 x 1136 pixels, which is extremely good, but not spectacular. Compared with phones like the LG G3 that offer a 4K display, the resolution on the iPhone 5S, for example, looks pale in comparison. This aspect will further be dented if Apple do not increase the resolution in a comparable way after increasing the screen size. Expectations are that the iPhone 6 will come with 960 x 1704 pixels.


More improvements can be expected on the fingerprint sensor, which was far from being fool proof in the iPhone 5S. However, Apple has shown the way forward with this revolutionary feature. The phone could also feature a new 13 megapixel camera; but it may not be surprising if Apple decides to stick with the current eight megapixel camera. After the arrival of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Xperia Z2, this camera is in need of serious feature upgrades. The lack of 4K video recording capability is a particularly sore absentee. Rumors suggest that it may not feature in the iPhone 6.


The iPhone 6 will come with the latest iOS 8, out of the box with an A8 processor running it. This A8 is expected to be a dual core 2 GHz processor that is expected to be paired along with 2 GB of RAM. A non-removable 1850 mAh battery is expected to be provided on the iPhone 6, which will cost around $850 for the base variants.

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