iPhone 6 and iWatch Will Most Likely be Unveiled on September 9

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A new report says that the iWatch will probably be unveiled on the same day with iPhone 6 or in the worst case, one week later.

John Paczkowski from Recode website reported yesterday that 3 new Apple devices will be introduced on September 9.  Until now, it was believed that September 9 will be the day when Apple will focus on their new iPhone 6 4.7inch variant and that iWatch will be unveiled somewhere in October or later, when the iPhone 5.5inch variant will be presented.

The iWatch is going to be the first wearable mobile computing device from Apple and it will probably come with two main features: HomeKit and HealthKit. The HomeKIt will allow you to control networked devices from your house. The HealthKit is Apple’s healthy lifestyle tool.

Keep in mind that the two iPhones and the iWatch will not be on shelves as soon as they are unveiled and it will take at least one week until they will be available in stores. With other words, the iPhone 6 4.7inch variant’s release date will be somewhere between 16-19 September. As for the 5.5inch variant, it will be unveiled a few months later.

Ming-chi Kuo, from KGCI Securities, one of the known Apple watchers, said in his notes from the last months that the iPhone 6 5.5inch variant will be delayed and it will hit the market somewhere in December 2014.

As for the iWatch, some say that it will not come exactly in the same time or shortly after Apple will release their small iPhone 6 variant. Instead, a lot of reports say that the iWatch will be released at the same time with the iPhone 6 5.5inch variant.

However, Paczkowski said in his report that Apple will most likely go ahead with their event planned to happen in October, where they will most likely release their new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 devices.


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