iPhone 6 – A Preview of the Phone That’s On the Brink of Release

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According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 6 is expected to come with a protruding camera sensor and a scratch-resistant liquid metal logo at the back.

In case, you own an iPhone 5 and looking forward to purchase the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C, odds are that you are waiting for the latest release from Apple Inc. It is a smart choice to wait for the latest expected release of the iPhone 6, than to change your iPhone 5S or 5C after a few months.

The iPhone 6 is still a mystery. However, it did not hold back the rumor mill to churn out gossip about the most-awaited device from Apple Inc. Regardless; some of the rumors are believed to be true; it does sound so.

Let us peek at the latest rumors about the iPhone 6 smartphone.

Build and Screen

The iPhone 6, in all probability is likely to come in a different design than that of the iPhone 5S smartphone.

In terms of design, Apple Incorporated has kept its traditional design with all its ‘S’ series smartphone. In case, Apple sticks to its traditional design with the iPhone 6, it would be a huge disappointment for the masses. Thankfully, the rumors do not whisper so. In the recent past, several iPhone designs have been leaked over the web. However, the actual and hopefully authentic production cases have come into the hands of the tech enthusiasts. The iPhone 6 is rumored to come in a metal and glass body, similar to its primary iPhone variant.

It is but obvious, the iPhone would comprise of a bigger screen size than that of its predecessors. The case is expected to be larger as compared to iPhone 5S. However, the much-awaited smartphone is expected to be thinner and a bit more rounder in design.

Power Button

Another big change expected with the iPhone 6 is the change in the location of the power button. The power button is expected to be placed on the right side of the smartphone. This relocation would make it easier to access the power button with the thumb.

LED Missing on the Rear Side?

The back of the smartphone comes with considerable changes. The pill-shaped cutout at the rear is replaced with a circular cutout. The change in design suggests that either Apple let go of its dual LED flash or the company has managed to put the two LEDs together in the new circular design.

Volume Buttons

On the other hand, the volume buttons have done the opposite. The volume buttons are thinner, similar in design as that of the iPod Touch. The recessed volume buttons reduce the chances of adjusting the volume of the smartphone accidentally, while in your pocket.

Bottom Line

In terms of screen, the iPhone 6 is most likely to come with a larger display as compared to the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5S. It is also rumored that the iPhone 6 may come in two variants – a 4.5-inch model and a 5.5-inch model.

The latest leaked information regarding iPhone 6 design implies that the latest Apple smartphone would come with a 4.7-inch screen. It justifies some of the rumors about the screen size of the iPhone 6 smartphone.

The aluminium-finish with rounded corners of the iPhone 6 smartphone comes with a protruding camera, similar to that of the iPod Touch. The close-up of the iPhone 6’s back reveals the Apple logo, which appears to be made from a scratch-resistant liquid metal.

The screen of the iPhone 6 appears to be tapered towards the edges. The curved glass makes the iPhone appear and feel much thinner than its counterparts. Rumors about the sapphire glass display of the iPhone 6 run rampant in the mobile industry. However, the iPhone 6 display appears to be a sapphire hybrid than pure sapphire display. The screen may be scratch resistant but not invincible to scratches.


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