iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The immense popularity of the iPhone has been substantially decreasing in recent years due to the growth of Android smartphones.

The dent has particularly been caused by the Galaxy S range from Samsung. The Galaxy S5 is the latest to arrive in the market as a competitor for the iPhone 5S, which came out in September 2013.


It is not surprising to see both the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S5 not make significant differences compared to the previous generation products. The iPhone 5 became the first iPhone to increase the screen size to 4 inches, but there are no improvements in this regard on the iPhone 5S. The Galaxy S5 makes a marginal improvement on the 5 inch display seen on the Galaxy S4. It now sports a 5.1 inch display that supports full HD resolution. The iPhone 5S offers a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels.

The iPhone 5S offered a new invention to the smartphone segment, through the fingerprint reader. The Galaxy S5 does one better by providing support to the likes of PayPal, which enables the phone to have a virtual card that can be used to make payments using fingerprint recognition. Even though both systems are far from being perfect, they provide the industry with a new dimension.


The iPhone 5S continues to retain the same 8 megapixel camera that has been featured in several iterations on Apple devices. It was once regarded as one of the finest mobile cameras but it has lost its charm when compared to the phones like Galaxy S5. The Samsung device comes with 16 megapixel camera that can do 4K video recording amongst many other things. Even though the Galaxy S5’s screen will not be able to support for 4K videos, it is comforting to know that the phone is almost future proof.


The storage of 4K content recorded through the camera is tough since the videos will need four times the memory as HD videos. Recognizing the need for large space, Samsung offers support for external memory cards up to 128 GB. The phone accepts the microSD cards that are becoming increasingly cheap to own. The iPhone 5S does not offer a memory card support, and it also cannot record 4K video on its eight megapixel camera. Instead, users will have to do with just the full HD video recording. The presence of different memory options, though, almost eliminates the need for an external memory card. The iPhone can support up to 128 GB through the internal storage alone.


The iPhone 5S initially came with the iOS 7 but it’s significantly powerful A7 processor allows it to support even the latest iOS 8. The Galaxy S5 is also an extremely fast phone that is powered by a Snapdragon quad core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. Various benchmarks put the Galaxy S5 as one of the fastest phones in the market.

The unlocked versions of the Galaxy S5 retail at $580 compared to the $680 price commanded by the iPhone 5S’ base versions.

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